ANHLAtlantic Network Holdings Limited (est. 2004)
ANHLAmerican National Hockey League
ANHLAirdrie Nutty Housewife League (Canada)
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To integrate the philosophy with the Business Plan ("BP") there was a shake-up in the ANHL Board earlier in the year resulting in Barry Fludgate being appointed Chairman/CEO of NMTV, Inc.
Several of our updates have focused on the delays caused by a very labor intensive audit fraught with lost or inaccessible documents which left ANHL in the position of replicating documents, many of which then require independent valuation to capture the accretion since the last audit four years ago or assets purchased since that time.
The officers of RTGV and ANHL believe such a perspective is irresponsible and not in the best interests of the shareholders.
Some of these assets, as well as assets in other ANHL divisions, may no longer fit the strategic direction of NMTV, and thus may be considered for sale in the future which would provide additional liquidity to NMTV.
NMTV) between ANHL and RTGV respectively, will be provided as follows:
Certain ANHL assets are to be assessed under an independent Fairness Valuation as the anticipated accretion since the last audit of ANHL as a private company has been significant.
Further, having both private and public entities within ANHL was artificially cumbersome.
ANHL has invested in considerable R&D to get to this point, and we are very confident our public shareholders will share our vision.