ANICAustralian National Insect Collection
ANICAmerican National Insurance Company
ANICAustralian National Imams Council (Islamic body)
ANICAssociation of Northern Ireland Colleges (UK)
ANICATM Network Interface Card (Cisco)
ANICAnosmia, Isolated Congenital
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Privett noted that although ANiC uses the name "Anglican," "it is not a church with which we [the Anglican Church of Canada] is in communion nor is it part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.
ANIC also condemns ISIS' seized of important Islamic symbols and philosophy such as "There is no god but God and the Prophetic Seal "Muhammad is his Messenger.
Specimen illustrated (ANIC pinned collection): ANIC IWC OB 26, [female], Monte Verde, Powell Prop.
Placey noted that the Pennsylvania department is in charge of the day-to-day operations of Penn Treaty and ANIC and would have responsibility for implementing any rehabilitation plan.
This system will help us gather large amounts of information very quickly, contributing to our understanding of pollinator biology and the ecosystem services those pollinators provide,' says ANIC Director, Dr John La Salle.
Anic je dostojanstveno otrpio napade, razmotrio dobronamjerne primjedbe (1) i nastavio raditi na svom rjecniku tako da su iduca izdanja bivala opseznija.
Welcoming the move, ANIC Chief Executive John D'Arcy said: "The face of further education is changing, as are the names of colleges which have been at the heart of communities for over 100 years.
The stadium announcer gave it to Tall, television said it was an own goal by Branimir Anic, while the Bosnians in the press box blamed Carvalho Andre Silva.
Entitled "Ways of understanding nature in the Qur anic perspective", this nine page chapter is too brief for such an important subject.
Although most members of ANIC were nonwovens industry corporations, ANFA has opened membership to individuals involved in the nonwovens industry.
The ANIC has forecast production for this year at 4.