ANIEAssociazione Nazionale Imprese Elettrotecniche ed Elettroniche (Italian)
ANIEAssociazione Nazionale Industrie Elettriche (Italian: National Association of the Electricity Industry)
ANIEAl Nasser Industrial Enterprises LLC (United Arab Emirates)
ANIEAssessment for Numeracy In Education (Canada)
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Elmer Anies said that anyone in the CS rating can apply for this desirable position and find more information from his or her detailer.
Anies Baswedan, an international communications expert and rector of Paramadina University, said on Thursday, quoted by Antara News, "If relations between the two countries worsen, Australia will be at a disadvantage because Indonesia is the gateway for Canberra's influence in Asia.
Our largest booking is for 140 guests with the company in question havng exclusive use of the suite he evening, the other bookare made up of a variety of anies and families and ds getting together to celea Christmas night out.
SO, THE blue me anies want to knock down the pretty terrace where Ringo was born, number 9 Madryn Street in the Dingle.
Mark Mandel of ABN AMRO reviews the performanc e of the renal care industry, and examines recent changes that have impacted comp anies in that sector.
A spokesman for Widodo's team, Anies Baswedan, suggested the court may not even accept the challenge.
Note for the editors: Anies Hammouda, LVB Networks, +31(0)33-4220080 or +31(0)642922405; Note for the press, not for publication: For further information you can get in touch with Anies Hammouda, LVB Networks, +31-33-4220080 or +31-6-42922405 or GA[c]rard Ghazarian, +31-6-54311847 (Unicaresoft).
The geographic proximity of these comp- anies means that it is vital that we do all that is possible to limit further job losses and to provide those already affected with the support and training needed.
RECENTLY, Wendy Kweh was knocking around Weatherfield playing one of the me anies who took poor old Fred Elliott for a ride in the Thai bride scam.
More than 60 comp anies and business groups backed the campaign with pounds 450,000 in cash, and as much again in kind.
It will encourage improved business models and see comp- anies develop, as well as retain, talent.
There have been rep-orts season ticket holders could get pounds 250 or 21 days free travel, but a spokes-man for the Association of Train Operating Comp- anies said it was still being worked out.