ANILCAAlaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act
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ANILCA served as a partial substitute for the rights extinguished in ANCSA, providing a priority for subsistence uses on the "public lands" (172) by rural residents of Alaska.
For the future of the 1002 area, the most significant aspect of ANILCA is section 1003.
ANILCA also emphasized specific species for which the areas were primarily known.
Since passage of ANILCA on December 2, 1980, sixty-one new units have been added to the national park system.
In addition to this definitional problem, ANILCA also is a source of ambiguity regarding institutional authority over motorized use.
ANILCA was a huge compromise between outside environmental groups and Alaskans.
One important aspect of ANILCA for tribes in Alaska was the extinguishment of aboriginal hunting and fishing rights.
He asserts that the federal government has gone boldly beyond the intentions of ANILCA.
Pursuant to section 501(a)(1) of ANILCA, this final rule provides for a consistency determination of multiple use management activities with the conservation of fish and wildlife and their habitat on National Forest System lands in the Copper River-Rude River and the Copper River-Bering River areas of the Chugach National Forest in Alaska.
5 billion board-feet of timber per decade under ANILCA the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act) in 1980, and operating under 50-year contracts with Ketchikan Pulp Co.
To most Alaskans, the ANILCA parks are simply "the bush.
Permitting documentation for the Ambler Mining District Industrial Access Project was submitted by AIDEA to advance the Environmental Impact Statement section of the National Environmental Policy Act process and the ANILCA Title XI review process.