ANILCAAlaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act
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Next, addressing the merits of Sturgeon's challenge, the Ninth Circuit determined that ANILCA did not prevent the application of NPS's hovercraft ban.
ANILCA also emphasized specific species for which the areas were primarily known.
Since passage of ANILCA on December 2, 1980, sixty-one new units have been added to the national park system.
One important aspect of ANILCA for tribes in Alaska was the extinguishment of aboriginal hunting and fishing rights.
He asserts that the federal government has gone boldly beyond the intentions of ANILCA.
On December 2, 1980, President Jimmy Carter signed ANILCA, and a California-size chunk of the state, 97 million acres, was dedicated to parks and wildlife.
224) Consequently, ANILCA provides that fish and game activities conducted for "nonwasteful subsistence uses" should be given priority over those performed for other purposes.
Joel Hard, the deputy regional director for the Park Service, was an Alaska State Trooper back in the early days of ANILCA, based at times along the Yukon River in the hot-headed village of Eagle.
Since ANILCA, Congress has been engaged in a tug-of-war between
With ANILCA, much of the Kotzebue basin, the traditional homeland of the Inupiat Eskimos of Northwest Alaska, instantly became national parks, preserves, monuments, and wildlife refuges.
Additional federal land withdrawals and wilderness designations would violate the "no more" provision of ANILCA.