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ANIMEAnimation or Japanese Animation
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A huge part of the Anime Attacks experience is cosplay, which refers to costume play or in even simpler terms - dressing up.
Today, Lebanon has a thriving subculture addicted to anime series and to the comic books that usually precede them, known as manga.
Dare games involved cosplayers staying in character for as long as possible and the trivia sessions tested their knowledge about the history of anime and famous anime cartoons.
It's the family's sixth consecutive year at Anime Expo, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and this year Marc Dargis, a nurse at a Minneapolis hospital, will be trading in his medical scrubs for a flowing, white, spikey-haired wig and other accoutrements.
Since the Tower Records store in Tokyo's Shinjuku district opened a section for anime songs this spring, Ryo Majima, who is in charge of J-pop music at the store, says he saw more than a 30 percent increase in female customers.
The most prominent and remarkable part of the Anime Festival is the Cosplay contest.
1,'' with Lucy Liu, is inspired by - and includes a sequence of - Japanese anime.
We set a new attendance record in 2011 with more than 125,000 fans over the four days of Anime Expo.
As part of the new agreement, VIZ Media has licensed all 200 episodes of the original SAILOR MOON anime series (rated 'TV-PG'), including the never before licensed for North America fifth and final climatic season, "Sailor Stars.
Kawajiri's ``Program'' references a wide range of Japanese art from traditional watercolor to Samurai films to classic 2-D anime.