ANINAssociazione Nazionale Infermieri Neuroscienze (Italian: European Neuroscience Nurses Association)
ANINAIDS National Interfaith Network
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Nationwide, ANIN, with the American Association of World Health, had enlisted houses of worship to observe the day by bringing their bells 13 times of the AIDS pandemic.
In a recent interview, South and associate ANIN director Joe McGinty cataloged other situations relative to AIDS:
Five year-old ANIN is the center for the advocacy and lobbying efforts in Washington by religious communities and 2,000 AIDS ministries -- "the only national faith-based AIDS presence on Capitol Hill," said South, a United Church of Christ minister.
Of the 23 denominations (Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Protestants) only about seven talk to or work with ANIN Mean while, said South, mainline (Protestant) denominations are losing membership whereas the rapidly growing evangelical churches are "skipping to the right, becoming more and more conservative -- the Christian Coalition is now bigger than the Republican and Democratic parties combined -- and you drop AIDS into the midst of all this.