ANIQAsociación Nacional de la Industria Química, AC (National Association of Chemical Industries)
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We understand that improving the quality of information will be a gradual process that requires the participation of everyone involved--not only within companies but also business associations such as ANIQ that have the great opportunity to guide their members through the process.
has been appointed to serve on the board of directors for the Mexican national chemical industry association, ANIQ, La Associacion Nacional de la Industria Quimicais, a prestigious honor for the company.
As the leading chemical trade organization in Mexico, ANIQ represents more than the 90% of the private production of chemicals in the country through its 200 member companies.
As an ANIQ board member, Reichhold has joined a select group of companies which benefit from interacting with parties related to the chemical industry both within Mexico and throughout the world.
Working more closely with the ANIQ organization has been a key goal for Reichhold's Mexican Management Team," explained Reichhold Senior Vice President Rodney Biddle.
Our Mexican Management Team is very honored to represent Reichhold and is committed to doing their very best in working with ANIQ," Biddle concluded.