ANIRAdvanced Networking Infrastructure and Research
ANIRAutomated Network Initialization and Reconfiguration
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Tanto la anir como el Forum de Ciencia y Tecnica son instituciones autoctonas que surgieron en el proceso revolucionario cubano, y constituyen la identidad historica de la labor abnegada de trabajadores y jovenes que acogieron la tarea de innovar y dar soluciones tecnicas a problemas tecnologicos por la necesidad de proyectar y materializar el desarrollo del pais sobre la base de la preparacion o instruccion del pueblo.
Interim head teacher Andrew McLachlan puts Harborne Academy's STAR Learners (from left to right) Marcus Harrington, Omar, Anir Gantugs and Maryam Rana in the spotlight.
Some of that convincing came with the help of the Anir Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by Biesemeyer and her daughter that promotes cultural understanding between people in the Americas, the United Kingdom and Southern and Central African nations through volunteer opportunities.
For the AnIR gloves, sample AnIR-B is somewhat stronger than the other two, which correlates with their thickness.
En sentido general se ha logrado un aumento de las relaciones horizontales Cultura --CUM lo que se evidencia en los vinculos establecidos en los principales terminales de la ciencia (forum, ANIR, BTJ; investigaciones pedagogicas y socio-culturales).
As Lihirians pushed for increased forms of local governance in the late 1980s, there was strong support for alignment with Tanga and Anir to form a single local level government.
Rajesh Anir Masih, aged 19, of Silverton Road, Coventry, using a vehicle without insurance, failing to produce a certificate of insurance, using a vehicle with a disconnected handbrake, fined pounds 330.
Anir Valle expresa que Karla Suarez "aunque comparte con algunas de sus colegas promocionales ese afan desintegrador, burlesco, incisivo y hasta destructivo del universo en que se mueven sus personajes e historias, se diferencia del resto por [.
according to Zivcir-Becirevic & Anir, 2001) argues that this is a generic term that refers to a heterogeneous group of disorders manifested by significant difficulties in the acquisition and use of listening, speaking, reading, writing, reasoning or mathematical abilities.
Himmelgreen, David A, Rafael Perez-Escamilla, Sofia Segura-Millan, Yu-Kuei Peng, Anir Gonzalez, Merrill Singer, and Ann Ferris.
Table 3 Adaptive equipment and software tested in the project Equipment or software Number of participants Intellikeys, a large keyboard with a selection of overlays suited to different disabilities 17 Enhancing Internet Access (EIA), a touch screen and simplified browser 13 Opera browser, providing enlarged and enhanced text 12 Key guard for standard keyboard 7 Switch adaptor for standard mouse 5 Anir mouse, an alternative mouse which looks like a joy stick 5 Big keys, an alternative keyboard, with large bright keys 3 PC Trac Deluxe/Kids Trac (Microspeed trackball) 3 PW Web Speak, a screen reading program 3 Genius trackball 2 Head stick 2 Small pc keyboard (Cherry keyboard) 1