ANISNAssociazione Nazionale Insegnanti Scienze Naturali (Italian: Association of Teachers of Natural Sciences)
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Additionally, for one- and two-dimensional analysis, the angular flux files produced by the ANISN [1] and DOT-3.5 [20] codes can be used, thus providing a convenient way to compare and test the results using the two methods.
FLATTOP-Pu was modeled in a simple 1D spherical geometry using the PARTISN and ANISN transport and SUSD3D S/U codes.
The comparison of the calculated multiplication factors is presented in Table 2 showing good consistency between the PARTISN and ANISN, as well as between direct and adjoint results.
As mentioned, SUSD3D uses angular moment files produced by PARTISN to resolve (3) (Method (1)), or alternatively the angular flux files from ANISN to resolve (2) by Method (2).
(v) ANISN using [P.sub.5] and SUSD3D using [P.sub.1]
(vi) ANISN using [P.sub.1] with BHS cross-section correction/SUSD3D using [P.sub.1]
(viii) ANISN using [P.sub.1] with BHS correction/SUSD3D using