ANKAnkara (Turkey)
ANKAnunaki (ancient Sumerian Gods)
ANKAttempted, Not Known
ANKAustria Netto Kataloge (Austrian collectors' catalogs)
ANKAlphanumeric Keyboard
ANKAction Now: Kenya (development group)
ANKAddress Not Known
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The two met in 1994 while studying at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology; they graduated, married and launched ANK International, a creative resource for embroidery and design.
We are delighted with the presence of our new official partner, Brussels Airlines, who will give ANK an even more prominent place on the international market.
ANK specializes in events for all levels including fashion shows, album launch parties and charity events just to name a few.
To summarize, the success rate of ANK compared to that in the other two therapies in terms of the cells' ability to kill cancer cells is significantly higher (see Figure A).
In the notice to the Land, Infrastructure and Transport Ministry, ANK said its Boeing 737 was in a near miss with the P-3C patrol aircraft, but none aboard the two aircraft was injured.
The ANK Boeing 737 was en route from Fukuoka to Ishigaki Island in Okinawa Prefecture when the incident occurred at around 1:50 p.
No injuries were reported among the 36 people aboard, including four crew members, on ANK Flight 482 en route to Sapporo's Okadama from Nakashibetsu in eastern Hokkaido.
And what about Hearts coach Anatoly Korobochka appearing at Tynecastle with the initials ANK on his coat.
The ANK plane detected a twin-engine jet heading toward it as it flew at an altitude of about 300 meters at around 2:28 p.
Both JAC and ANK operate flights on local air routes using YS-11s.
Tokyo-based ANK operates a fleet of 38 airplanes, including six YS-11 propeller planes.