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The first ANLCA meeting was repudiated in the Voice of Africa in January of 1963 in an article entitled "Negro Stooges' Bid for Africans Challenged," which called the participants Uncle Toms and accused them of having "had the audacity to make attempts to move ahead of the African nationalists in America.
In spite of all this, the United States government's recognition of the potential significance of the ANLCA became evident when then Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Undersecretary of State for African Affairs G.
It was evident only two months later that the ANLCA could have wielded influence in the implementation of United States foreign policy towards Africa when its members sent an open letter to Kennedy strongly protesting the Belgian-United States paratroop drop into Kisangani (Stanleyville).
In the late 1960s, nationalists led the formation of the national African Liberation Day Steering Committee, which replaced the liberal-led ANLCA.
For example, while the ANLCA tended to focus its activities on organising conferences and meetings with U.
For the activities of the ANLCA see (Erhagbe, 1991).