ANLEArgonne National Laboratory East (US Department of Energy; Argonne, IL)
ANLEAirport Network and Location Equipment (airport safety communication network)
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Species Contribution CA1 CA2 Hacl -0.42439 0.178748 Anly -0.82004 2.111221 Poco -0.71798 -0.701577 Anle 104.923 0.843327 Spte 0.05668 0.013074 Spgr -0.08628 0.004918 Sabr -0.15140 0.914852 Atbr -0.44154 -0.152990 Geba 125.684 -0.124106 Opog -0.34162 1.146.843 Dirh -0.63756 -0.457756 Ceed 0.79113 -0.009477 Euar -0.66449 -0.195739 Baro -0.84899 -0.627708 Mucu 0.98678 0.258967 Gege 107.142 -0.366931 Stra 107.338 -0.477772 Casp 0.20077 -0.303633 Note: The higher contributions to each axis are shown in bold indicated as #.
Desde su fundacion en 1973, la ANLE (una de las 22 entidades que pertenecen a la Asociacion de Academias de La Lengua Espanola) junto con la Real Academia Espanola (RAE) se ha dedicado a mantener o resguardar la "pureza" del idioma, y lo hace determinando las normas gramaticales dirigidas a fomentar la unidad idiomatica dentro y entre los diversos territorios para garantizar asi una norma comun.
hanmay halanse tyou hot la hou hay degawe medsin, mi Ohibo la ha hay an honjesion anle noula!...-- Hein, que dis-tu?-- Oh, Congo deraille: il pretend que Solibo est en train de mourir, qu'il lui faut un medecin (p.
Clyde new boy Gregory Tade is suspended and Neil McGregor is again missing following an anle operation for the trip to Dundee.
Smith reports that in the deteriorating environment of Guantanamo, the hymn, "Men anle a lap vini" ("Look, up there, He's Coming Back"), became "an increasingly popular tool for also protesting the conditions of their confinement and, as one refugee put it, 'call[ing] for the Grace of God,' 'show[ing] them [their American captors] we won't give up hope,' and insisting on 'the return of our papa [President Aristide]'" (2004:115).
Interestingly these texts also give (T.1453: 498b29-c4; T.1458: 608c8-10) two reasons why such a lue jiao verification is necessary: it prevents non-Buddhists from saying that Sakya's disciples do not have full knowledge (yiqie zhi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.]) and do not know what to do after the death of the Buddha, and second, it makes certain that disciples will in the future have "an agreeable dwelling" (anle zhu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] sparsavihara).
Garcia Gallo, "El derecho comun anle el Nuevo Mundo" (1965), en Estudios, op.
Piske Zanset nou yo pat nan mawon anko Moun ki pa vie nan mawon anko Leve 2 men anle pou lemondantye we ...
More than 100 brands, including Anle and Anerle, of sanitary napkins and disposable baby diapers are produced and sold by the company.
Xue, Anle and Tzoganakis, Costas - University of Waterloo
Los mexicanos --que por el trauma de origen, por la ambiguedad del mestizaje, por las heridas de un coloniaje no termina-- nos sentimos inferiores anle el mundo real, el de afuera, y encontramos por tanto tiempo el gran refugio en las explicaciones, disculpas y autocomplacencias.
After receiving repeated reports of shoe thefts from female households in a residential community on Maijing Road in Keelung City's Anle District, police began an investigation and zeroed in on Chen as the main suspect.