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The local prosecutor said Kisanak, a member of parliament before becoming Diyarbakir's first female mayor in 2014, and Anli had given speeches sympathetic to the PKK, called for greater political autonomy for Turkey's estimated 16 million Kurds and incited violent protests in 2014.
53-58; Chen Xiaoyong, "Guoji he weiji de kongzhi yu guanli--Nan Ya he weiji anli yanjiu" [Control and Management of Nuclear Crises: Research on the South Asia Case], Nanya yanjiu [South Asia Studies], no.
I wile leade fe he seis to his lefmon into anli stude & ich wule speke luueliche to fin herte.
(228) Attempting to have the best of both worlds, in 2011 the Supreme People's Court initiated the publication of Guiding Cases (Zhidao Xing Anli [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
Chao Qiu, [1] Yang Huang, [1] Anli Zhang, [1] Di Tian, [1] Yanmin Wan, [1] Xiaoling Zhang, Wanju Zhang, Zhiyong Zhang, Zhenghong Yuan, Yunwen Hu, Xiaoyan Zhang, and Jianqing Xu
Anli and Karsli (2010) found that when children perceive "rejection" and "overprotection" as dominant parental style especially in their early family context this situation results in high risk for tendency to depression and higher state/trait anxiety levels than that of family context where "emotional warmth" is the dominant perceived parental attitude.
Edlyn Robas and Venus Hufalar added a 38 and 35 to power Agui-B (151) past Forest Hills which drew 40 points each from Pinky Obsuna and Anli Wu, 36 from Celia Hizon and 30 from Monica Ignacio.
(20) Wu Jianmin, Waijiao anli (Case Studies in Diplomacy) (Beijing: China Renmin University Press, 2007).
(Der: Cegin G., Goker E., Anli A., Tatlican U.) Istanbul: Iletisim Yayinlari.
Although, strictly speaking, the Electoral College would remain intact, it would exist in name only, its republican, anli democratic essence would be removed, and it would be left as a mere Fotemkin structure That is to say, it would maintain the appearance of constitutional republicanism, but be bereft of any such workings and as such unable to provide any of the protections against tyranny for which it was originally designed.