ANLOAlliance for Nonlinear Optics (est. 1994)
ANLOAcademicus Neo Lovaniensis Ordo (Latin: Order of an Academic Philosopher Neo Louvain; Belgium)
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13) There were ample opportunities for West Africans to seize these itinerant Lebanese just like Akonyikoo and Abooya were seized in Anlo in 1885.
Where new technologies and beliefs have brought success, there has been transformation; elsewhere there has been adaptation, with reworkings of traditional beliefs answering an Anlo desire to "make sense of themselves.
David Locke has engineered an outstanding examination of an African "event" through an approach that focuses on the integration of several arts of the Anlo Ewe people.
Not only have they illuminated the very telling texts of kpegisu songs, they have also assisted us to enter into, and begin to comprehend, the theory of kpegisu music--and, indeed, that of all Anlo Ewe music.
Between the Sea & The Lagoon: An Ecosocial History of the Anlo of Southeastern Ghana c.
Similar to the Grandmother deity of Anlo people, Baby Suggs, holy consecrates the Clearing as the "Ground of all being," and uses the Clearing and 124 to help her community determine its destiny (Gaba 79).
Scriptures of an African People: Ritual Utterances of the Anlo.
Some of such conflicts recorded in recent times include the Dagbon crisis between the Abudu and the Andani gates which erupted in 2002, the Ga Mantse succession dispute in 2007, the Anlo chieftaincy conflict in 2007, the Adoagyiri crisis in 2007, Princess and Aketekyi towns' troubles in 2007 and the recent re-eruption of the Tuobodom chieftaincy conflict.
Between the Sea & The Lagoon: An Eco-social History of the Anlo of Southeastern Ghana c.