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ANLOAustralian Naval Liaison Officer
ANLOAlliance for Nonlinear Optics (est. 1994)
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Kan-Dapaah and his delegation presented the letter of appointment to Togbi Sri III on behalf of President Akufo-Addo at a colourful ceremony attended by the chiefs and people of Anlo State.
Iceland director of corporate affairs Keith Hann said: "It has been previously (and correctly) reported that the purchaser of the Waitrose store in Barry is Anlo Properties, and that Richard Walker is a director of that company as well as being joint managing director of Iceland Foods.
(59) However, in his dissertation, Tonal Resources and Compositional Processes of Ewe Traditional Vocal Music, George Dor states that "Anlo Ewe use pentatonic tonal resources in constructing their melodies." (60) One of Dor's most significant assertions is that Ewe songs may contain up to seven tones; however, two of these tones function as added tones and are only used in specific circumstances.
(13) There were ample opportunities for West Africans to seize these itinerant Lebanese just like Akonyikoo and Abooya were seized in Anlo in 1885.
Where new technologies and beliefs have brought success, there has been transformation; elsewhere there has been adaptation, with reworkings of traditional beliefs answering an Anlo desire to "make sense of themselves." The sea is unconquered by new technology, so it retains power; but hydrologists have revealed the ancient mystery of why fresh water occurs among the salt lagoons, and so these bodies have lost significance; so the Anlo have produced a contested (sometimes violently contested) set of "modernities" of their own.
The tangled histories of the Anlo and the Ewe have included the construction of `indigenousness', absorption of refugees from surrounding precolonial polities, lengthy periods of involvement in the Atlantic slave trade, colonial conquest by Britain and Germany, and experience of both French and British rule under League of Nations mandate.
Nukunya, Kinship and Marriage among the Anlo Ewe (London, 1969), 40; Hugo Huber, The Krobo: Traditional Social and Religious Life of a West African People (St Augustin, 1963), 24.
Besides much on Ewe music in general, there is a sizable bibliography specifically on the music of the Anlo Ewe, the people of southern Eweland distinguishable in many ways from the northern Ewe people (see Hewitt Pantaleoni's doctoral thesis, "The Rhythm of Atsia Dance Drumming among the Anlo (Ewe) of Anyako," Wesleyan University, 1972; Nissio Fiagbedzi, "The Music of the Anlo," doctoral thesis, University of California, Los Angeles, 1977; Michael Frishkopf, "The Character of Ewe Performance," master's thesis, Tufts University, 1989; David Locke's doctoral thesis, "The Music of Atsiagbekor," Wesleyan University, 1978; and of course, A.
A spokesman from Waitrose said the company has exchanged contracts to sell the shop in Barry to Anlo Properties.
One of the questions that comes to mind is whether or not Anlo society has any space to tolerate this sexual abuse especially when one considers the philosophy of the traditional state which places emphasis on upholding moral values.
In this impressively researched and very readable study of the Western Slave Coast, Silke Strickrodt examines the history of the multi-ethnic communities that came into being in that area of the Atlantic coastline that lay between the more studied polities of Accra and Anlo to the west, and Ouidah to the east.