ANLOAcademicus Neo Lovaniensis Ordo (Latin: Order of an Academic Philosopher Neo Louvain; Belgium)
ANLOAustralian Naval Liaison Officer
ANLOAlliance for Nonlinear Optics (est. 1994)
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Formation of this body type does not materialize without the concerted efforts of mothers who use warm water, shear butter, towel and other materials to gently press and rub their babies to achieve what is considered the Anlo human figure.
Particularly impressive is the author's use of a wide range of archival sources in a multiplicity of languages (French, German, English, Danish, Dutch) and her command of the historical literature about the polities (Ouidah, Anlo, Asante, Akwamu, Dahomey) with which the communities she studies interacted.
13) There were ample opportunities for West Africans to seize these itinerant Lebanese just like Akonyikoo and Abooya were seized in Anlo in 1885.
Where new technologies and beliefs have brought success, there has been transformation; elsewhere there has been adaptation, with reworkings of traditional beliefs answering an Anlo desire to "make sense of themselves.
Unfortunately these are particularly marked in the first chapter, which uses historical data on social organization, especially lineage and family structures, to infer gender relations and the position of women over a period from 1679 (when the first wave of refugees arrived), through to the mid-eighteenth century when Anlo became far more involved in the Atlantic trade.
Besides much on Ewe music in general, there is a sizable bibliography specifically on the music of the Anlo Ewe, the people of southern Eweland distinguishable in many ways from the northern Ewe people (see Hewitt Pantaleoni's doctoral thesis, "The Rhythm of Atsia Dance Drumming among the Anlo (Ewe) of Anyako," Wesleyan University, 1972; Nissio Fiagbedzi, "The Music of the Anlo," doctoral thesis, University of California, Los Angeles, 1977; Michael Frishkopf, "The Character of Ewe Performance," master's thesis, Tufts University, 1989; David Locke's doctoral thesis, "The Music of Atsiagbekor," Wesleyan University, 1978; and of course, A.
The President made this announcement while addressing a durbar of Chiefs and people of Anlo at Keta.
Examples of such conflicts in Ghana include the: Sukusuku chieftaincy conflict, Sekondi chieftaincy conflict, Dagbon chieftaincy conflict, Cape Coast chieftaincy conflict, Bawku chieftaincy conflict, Ga Mantse succession dispute and the Anlo chieftaincy conflict (Prah & Yeboah, 2011; Kendie & Tuffour, 2014).
Between the Sea & The Lagoon: An Ecosocial History of the Anlo of Southeastern Ghana c.
Similar to the Grandmother deity of Anlo people, Baby Suggs, holy consecrates the Clearing as the "Ground of all being," and uses the Clearing and 124 to help her community determine its destiny (Gaba 79).
Greene, a long-time scholar of Anlo history, argues that we need to move beyond the effects of colonial change on institutions and social relations to understand how Anlo perceptions of body, spirit and physical environment were reconfigured through colonial encounters.
Some of these states were the Asante; the Dagomba; the Gonja; the Anlo, and many others with boundaries geographically different from their current regional demarcations.