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ANMAAmerican Naturopathic Medical Association
ANMAAmsterdam New Media Association (Netherlands)
ANMAAssociazione Nazionale Magistrati Amministrativi (Italian: National Association of Administrative Judges; Italy)
ANMAAssociation of Nordic Music Academies (Oslo, Norway)
ANMAAustralian New Muslims Association
ANMAApple Network Manager's Association
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The ANMA Conference concluded with working groups consisting of both librarians and rectors, tasked with discussing questions that had arisen during the day regarding the library's role in the music academy of tomorrow.
The university is offering an MA Drama and Education course and anMA in Theatre and Society.
Call, Back to the Garden: Chateaubriandhriand, Senancour and Constant (Saratoga, California: Anma Libri, 1988): 15.
AED had recently added three new ANMA cadet graduates as staff members in order to develop young Afghan officers.
Blemasane ni anyie blemasaji ni agba ke naabu titri ke saji ni anma hu no anma le, Ni ji saji ni eba jen miinshe afii ohai ete mli: keje afi 1500 le no keyashi afi 1856 le" (History of the Gold Coast and Asante .
SC chairman launches works in Anma Mall project in Aden
Ornegin, Berlin'deki bir Alevi derneginin uyesinin sozleri bu umut kirikligini gozler onune sermektedir: "Sivas icin de ayni sey gecerli, anma toreni yapilacak, alti yildir amyoruz bunu, anmaktan baska bir sey yapmiyoruz, ne getirecek ki bize bu?
H problema ahora es convencer a su ex manejador Bob Anma, quien le dio la espalda desde el episodio : con la bascula y que le provoco perdidas millonarias.
Bolumun acilisini yapan gazeteci ve yazar Neriman Cahit anma konusmasinda Pembe Marmara'nin siirdeki ozgun yerinden bahsetti.
From this experience, I developed a strong interest in PR and marketing and decided to do anMA in marketing to give my career more structure.
Insler comments that two other words are "equivalent" to body and breath; astvant for kerpem and ushtana for anma.
Anma Badri of AUW and Al King of ISU team-taught and participated in classes at the host institutions and conducted collaborative research.