ANMCAmerican National Metric Council
ANMCAlaska Native Medical Center
ANMCAlliance Nationale des Mutualités Chrétiennes
ANMCAsian Network of Major Cities
ANMCAnglers' Net Members Club
ANMCAnniston Munitions Center (US Army)
ANMCAssociazione Nazionale Mutilati e Invalidi Civili
ANMCArtificial Neo-Mitochondrion Creatures (gaming Parasite Eve)
ANMCAeronautical Noise Management Committee (Canada)
ANMCAuxiliary National Material Center (previously AUXCEN)
ANMCAdaptive Neural Model Control
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The sample was a convenience sample of Alaskan Native/American Indian adults over 20 years of age with both inpatient and outpatient lab results in the ANMC computer system for the full calendar year under study and analyzed between 2009 and 2010.
After much research and consultation, ANMC developed six national standards that are flexible yet strict enough to satisfy public protection and professional standards.
In 2009, Hofstetter et al of ANMC performed an analysis of ENT specialty clinic wait times for all new patient referrals both before and after the implementation of a telemedicine service.
ANMC is the primary hospital for Alaska Natives residing in the Anchorage area and the statewide referral hospital for the Alaska Tribal Health System.
ANMC is located on the main Raiwind Road at 17 Kilometers from Thokar Niaz Baig Lahore.
ANMC falsely advertised that if offered accelerated licensed practical nurse and registered nurse bridge training programs, with clinical training in local hospitals.
Garry McClendon, ANMC commander, hosted the ceremony at the depot's Physical Fitness Center the same day his organization hosted a visit by Brig.
Letters were mailed to the 277 ANMC patients who could be located and to the 374 private-sector patients for whom contact information was available.
ANMC 2006, Position statement: inclusion of Indigenous health issues in undergraduate programs, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council, viewed 7 December 2006, <www.
ANMC is a member of America's Lending Network, a subsidiary of Standard Federal Savings Bank, Gaitersburg, Maryland.
ANMC provides primary, specialty, acute, and behavioral healthcare services, as well as help coordinating travel logistics and lodging, providing more than 250 rooms for patients from outside of Anchorage.