ANMCAmerican National Metric Council
ANMCAlaska Native Medical Center
ANMCAlliance Nationale des Mutualités Chrétiennes
ANMCAsian Network of Major Cities
ANMCAnglers' Net Members Club
ANMCAnniston Munitions Center (US Army)
ANMCAssociazione Nazionale Mutilati e Invalidi Civili
ANMCArtificial Neo-Mitochondrion Creatures (gaming Parasite Eve)
ANMCAeronautical Noise Management Committee (Canada)
ANMCAuxiliary National Material Center (previously AUXCEN)
ANMCAdaptive Neural Model Control
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'As we celebrate the 15th edition winners of 2018 ANMC, various scholarships will be given today to these future changers; schools will be encouraged and so many Math teachers here will go home motivated and elated,' he said.
Course coordinators were deemed the appropriate point of contact, as the ANMC accreditation standards [18] did not have specific requirements for nutrition education within curricula, and the coordinator would have an overview of their programme content.
All but one of the ENs have taken on either extra responsibilities at the hospital or have expressed that they are enrolled in training to become an RN embracing the life-long learning tenants for EN registration (ANMC 2002), and adds further support to the findings of Jacob et al (2014) where educators held views that the Diploma of Nursing provides a strong foundation for ENs wanting to continue their nurse education to Undergraduate level.
"The ACS and the ANMC express regret over the gradual return of the [pre-publication] censorship by exerting pressure on the political newspapers' chief editors to refrain from publishing reports touching on the low turnout or elections boycott", the statement reads
Before, communicating patient symptoms with mid-level providers at the regional hub or doctors at ANMC was much slower.
The sample was a convenience sample of Alaskan Native/American Indian adults over 20 years of age with both inpatient and outpatient lab results in the ANMC computer system for the full calendar year under study and analyzed between 2009 and 2010.
Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Francis Tolentino said mayors and health officials of Palo, Leyte; Basey in Western Samar and Sulat in Eastern Samar have been invited to attend the 9th Annual Conference of the Asian Network of Major Cities (ANMC) 21 on Countermeasures to Combat Infectious Diseases in Asia to be held today in Makati City.
Currently, the Alaska Native Medical Center (ANMC) is the major hospital in the State of Alaska that carries a level III trauma center (IHS, n.d.).
Nurses: Similar to the licensure and regulation of the medical profession in Australia, the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council (ANMC) was the national body that worked with state and territory Nursing and Midwifery Regulatory Authorities (NMRA) in setting standards for nursing regulation.
With ever-increasing patient acuity and public expectations, nurses have a professional responsibility to maintain competency in order to deliver continued high standards of care (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council (ANMC), 2009).
In this history of the ANRAC Competencies 1990, now known as the ANMC (2006) Competency Standards, the author aims to make visible the work of making the standards possible, by describing how the ANRAC Competencies came to be the preferred technology for classifying nursing performance in Australia.