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ANMF federal secretary Lee Thomas (pictured below) said its members had varying views on the issue, but many more were in favour than against.
ANMF is one of the largest and fastest growing unions in Australia with over 230,000 members.
Subsequently, the proposed adaptive detector and the existing ANMF processor are tested on the IPIX radar clutter data, and the performance of the proposed detector is superior to that of the ANMF.
Id like to commend the ANMF for their leadership throughout the negotiations that made this outcome possible.
However, for the vast majority of nurses and midwives, wages and conditions are determined by enterprise agreements negotiated by the ANMF and nursing employers across all areas of the public and private health and aged care sectors.
The study is consistent with research that the ANMF has commissioned which found that residents were "frequently missing out on essential care and treatment".
My passion is to make the ANMF the strongest campaigning union in Australia.
The ANMF has deliberately misled the public about the intentions of the Department of Health s Victorian Health Policy and Funding Guidelines 2013/14.
The ANMF has over 259,000 members working across Australia in cities, rural, regional and remote locations and in every area of health, health prevention and aged care.
ANMF acting federal secretary Annie Butler said the research confirmed the findings of the union's own National Aged Care Staffing and Skills Mix Project, which showed the devastating effects of chronic understaffing and produced Australia's first aged care staffing model.
ANMF federal secretary Lee Thomas, commenting on the case in this month's issue of the ANMF Journal, said: "It's outrageous for an employer to think they can sack a nurse or midwife for doing what our professions demand, ie advocating for our patients.