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Recorded from Indonesia and China, Taiwan (Olmi 1991): type material from Taiwan (Nantou, Wushe, 1150 m, Henry Townes coll., 10.V.1983, male holotype (AEIC); same locality label as holotype, III.1983, IV.1983, V.1983, male paratypes (AEIC, PMA, ANMH); Meifeng, 2150 m, V.1983, Henry Townes coll., male paratypes (AEIC)) and Indonesia (Java, Bogor, 29.XII.1964, J.
Saltillo, 25.25[degrees]N, 101.0 W (AMNH); Distrito Federal: Tlalpan, 19[degrees]17'N, 99[degrees]09'W (AMNH); Durango: Encino 26.09[degrees]N, 105.20[degrees]W (AMNH); La Loma near 25.32[degrees]N, 103.32[degrees]W (AMNH); Palos Colorados (coordinates not determined) (ANMH) Nombre de Dios (coordinates not determined) (AMNH); Rodeo, 25.1[degrees]N, 104.39[degrees]W (AMNH); Guanajuato: San Miguel Allende 21[degrees]54'08"N, 101[degrees]06'06"W (AMNH); Jalisco: El Nolina (coordinates not determined) (MCZ); Ojuelos, 21[degrees]52'N, 101[degrees]40'W (AMNH); 3.2 km S.
Mazatlan, 23[degrees]24'N, 106[degrees]27'W (AMNH); Piaxtla (River) 23[degrees]50 N,106[degrees]40 W (ANMH); Sonora: Hermosillo, 29[degrees]04 N, 110[degrees]58 W (AMNH); 37 km S.