ANNDArab NGO Network for Development
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According to ANND, recent events were "neither haphazard nor coincidental" but a consequence of accumulated developments that clearly emerged after the presidential election.
This has not taken place in Egypt, Tunisia or Libya, and its importance was not recognized by international players, who deepened the crisis by defending pre-revolutionary choices," ANND asserts.
ANND urges Europe and the United States to help calm down things by calling on the two main sides of the conflict to put an end to violence and start a national dialogue that includes all parties in order to reach a political formula to resolve the crisis and put an end to violence.
The ANND has been an active presence in focusing on regional issues ranging from trade and globalization to the role of democracy, human rights and social issues since its establishment in 1996.
Our goal is to achieve an open dialogue between government, civil society and the media on issues relating to socioeconomic reform," said Cynthia Abi Rached, project coordinator for the ANND.
The ANND believes in the role of the media as a vital tool for bridging dialogue between parties on all levels and accelerating the democratic momentum in the Arab region.