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ANOMAnalysis of Means
ANOMAcute Necrotizing Otitis Media
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For example, in 1925 a Vietnamese machinist named Tran Van The received a visa to travel to the United States to seek work there; he had come to France during the First World War, kept his job in a chemical factory after the war, but eventually decided to seek his fortune across the Atlantic (ANOM, SLOTFOM n.d.c).
Subsequently, the Babad Giyanti depicts Van Hohendorff as announcing to the assembled court, yen mangke Sang Prabu, seleh karaton maringwang (that the king [Pakubuwana II] has transferred the kraton to me) and then that lamun wong gedhe-gedhe Betawi, tuwanJendral ngadegaken raja, Pangran Dipati Anom (that the Hon.
The difference, or anomaly, to the normally expected or climatological value was 0.15[degrees]C (Column 10 with header ANOM).
Key words:Decision limits; Analysis of Mean (ANOM); Simulations; Non-Normality.
The data analysis using Taguchi design entails analysis of means (ANOM) and analysis of variance (ANOVA).
(29) Other reports concerning the alcohol regime include that of Inspector General Espeut (1894, ANOM, FM/SG/INDO/AF/143), Inspector Salles (1898, ANOM FM/SG/INDO/AF/146), Inspector General Picquie (1900, ANOM FM/SG/INDO/AF/147) and Inspector Arnaud (1902, ANOM FM/INDO/NF/464).
Variations in proximate and mineral contents in all samples were measured by Analysis of Means (ANOM).
The potential severity of the coming winter can be seen from the global sea temperature chart viewable on anom.gif All that cold will be coming towards Europe in the next few months.
Pangeran Anom, half-brother of the Sultan of Sambas, was the prime mover in this aggression.