ANOMAin't No Other Man (song)
ANOMAnalysis of Means
ANOMAcute Necrotizing Otitis Media
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20) ANOM, Affaires Politiques, Carton 2535, Informe sobre la crisis economica, Consejo Superior de la Colonia, 20 de febrero de 1930.
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ANOM can be used as a tool for determining optimal parameter settings.
6) the ANOM for S/N ratios was conducted from which the optimum levels of the laser cutting parameters can be determined (Table 5).
Although ANOM has practical advantages over ANOVA but it has no optimal advantage in any mathematical sense because it behaves similarly.
Consequently we claim that the discriminatory power of the ANOM chart is least affected by departure from normality when the decision limits are constructed using the estimates obtained from G chart.
The results of ANOM are represented in response graphs (Figures 1, 2, and 3).
See, for example, ANOM INDO/GGI, 'Rapport sur la situation et le fonctionnement du service des Douanes et Regies pendant l'annee 1906', or ANOM INDO/GGI/8897.
It is important to note that when ANOM is applied on the indigenous samples (Fig.