ANOMSAirport Noise and Operations Monitoring System
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ANOMS (Airport Noise and Operations Management System), the world's leading aircraft noise monitoring system, assists more than 220 airports around the world with their noise abatement processes and community outreach efforts.
As part of its scalable ANOMS system, GBIA will deploy 22 noise monitoring terminals, weather integration and air traffic control recording.
At GBIA, ANOMS will also play an integral role in providing data insights that help the airport build community trust in order to achieve its business goals today - and in the future," said Airports Product Manager Matthew Barry.
Under the proposed agreement, LDI will provide to HMMH an exclusive license to the ANOMS technology as it applies to the transportation industry.
HMMH will assume the management and implementation of current airport noise monitoring system installation and maintenance contracts associated with ANOMS.
ANEEM is operating as part of Bruel & Kjaer's ANOMS (Airport Noise and Operations Management System) at MWAA.
The alliance, the first in the new ANOMS Business Partner Network, will expand BridgeNet's global reach and capitalize on the two companies' strengths.
Bruel & Kjaer's ANOMS (Airport Noise and Operations Monitoring System) currently assists more than 250 airports around the world with noise abatement processes and effective community relations to better manage their impact on neighboring communities.
In addition, Bruel & Kjaer designs and manufactures the LDS range of vibration test systems, as well as complete airport and environmental monitoring systems: WebTrak, ANOMS, NoiseOffice and Noise Sentinel.