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ANONYMOUSActions Not Our Names Yield Maintenance of Unity and Service (Alcoholics Anonymous)
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Glenarm had, it appeared, received an anonymous letter, on the first day of her arrival as guest at the house of a friend, residing in the neighborhood of Perth.
A second, and a third, anonymous letter, one more impudent than the other had been received by Mrs.
Geoffrey Delamayn, whose fair fame had been assailed (it was needless, the correspondent added in parenthesis, to say how groundlessly), was understood to have expressed, not only the indignation natural under the circumstances but also his extreme regret at not finding himself in a position to aid Captain Newenden's efforts to bring the anonymous slanderer to justice.
Sometime, perhaps, reading a submitted manuscript of his, they might remember him as the fellow about whom they had received an anonymous letter.
I began to think--it is hard to confess this, but I must suppress nothing from beginning to end of the terrible story that I now stand committed to reveal--I began to think, with a hateful eagerness of hope, of the vague charges against Sir Percival Glyde which the anonymous letter contained.
"One of the paragraphs of the anonymous letter," I said, "contains some sentences of minute personal description.
He might hesitate; but, if he was really fond of Emily, the anonymous letter would sooner or later bring him to Monksmoor.
"Anonymous testimony isn't just the right thing, your Highness.
And the anonymous writer in the "Matin" added in this article --which I have selected as the most interesting of all those that were published on the subject of this affair--that the examining magistrate appeared to place a peculiar significance to the last sentence: "One must really believe in the Devil, as Jacques says."
'Liberalism,' continued the anonymous journalist, 'is of too free and sound a growth,' etc.
She vanished into the vast anonymous mass of the population of London.
>From a pedigreed yellow pup I grew up to be an anonymous yellow cur looking like a cross between an Angora cat and a box of lemons.