ANOPAustralian National Opinion Polls
ANOPAgência de Notícias Portuguesa (Portuguese news agency)
ANOPAssociação Nacional de Oficinas de Projecto, Desenvolvimento e Educação (Portugal)
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In contrast to ANoP or ANoT, female parents were more willing to choose intermodal transfers in this instance, and males tended to select unitary modes to meet their travel demands.
Consistent with the findings of adult opinion polls in Australia (eg ANOP 1993) a clear majority (68%) of young people considered that it was important to protect the environment, even if it meant some reduction in economic growth.
On the other hand, Anop (2010) showed that infrastructure was negatively associated with FDI inflows in real estate, suggesting that foreign investors invest less in the countries which have achieved a certain level of development.
Said president, Michael Anop, "We are delighted to be installing our tenth play set in Minami Soma.
Making it to the quarterfinal stgae held earlier were Alby and Aroos, Neetu Singh and Ranziman (Player from Thailand), Vinod and Ram, Vijesh and Rames, Joseph and Anop, Manoj and Suresh, Aju and Sony and Ajin and Suveesh.
Attitudes to Super, Savings, Retirement and Choice, ANOP Research Services Pty.
Azeem Ghumman (captain), Ahmad Shahzad, Ahsan Ali, Anop Ravi, Fayyaz Butt, Hammad Azam, Kaleem Sana, Muhammad Babar Azam, Muhammad Naeem, Muhammad Waqas, Rameez Aziz, Raza Hassan, Sarmad Bhatti, Shahzaib Ahmed, Usman Qadir.
Assim, inicia-se o aspecto que ensejou a realizacao desta pesquisa, a necessidade de conhecer e avaliar o trabalho de uma instituicao, o Tribunal de Contas da Uniao [TCU] que atua na regulacao e protecao dos interesses publicos e que tem como funcao precipua o controle do gasto do uso dos recursos publicos, detendo-nos na auditoria de natureza operacional, ANOP, utilizada pelo tribunal como sinonimo de avaliacao e aplicada na avaliacao de programas sociais.
El modelo incluyo como efectos fijos a las variables ano de parto (ANOP), mes de parto (MESP), numero de lactancia (LACN) y edad en meses de la vaca al parto (EPM).
This was designed to rise and fall with the tides while remaining at anop timal depth for maximum generating efficiency.
In turn, these attitudes were found to be the product of 'ignorance, misconceptions, fear and doubts', in addition to an unwillingness to transfer any real power to Indigenous people (ANOP, 1985).