ANORADAbbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation
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Anorad Corp., Hauppauge, NY, or circle 335
Rockwell Automation has completed the acquisition of Anorad Corp, a US provider of linear motor-based precision positioning equipment.
Spatial has now launched the Lightgate V4, featuring a linear motor two axis open frame table from Anorad Inc.
Anorad Corp, Hauppauge, NY, has made available a series of high performance gantries, the L5300 series, which uses the moving magnet linear motor, or the Lightning Motor.
Brushless linear motors move faster from point to point, respond quicker to commands from machine controllers, and have greater stiffness than ball screw drives in most production machines, said Dave Brioch, product manager of gantry systems at Anorad. Also, machines with brushless linear motors wear less because the motors have no sliding parts that contact each other.
The service is open to the general community and tenants of Hauppauge Industrial Park, which include Standard MiCrosystems North Atlantic Industries, ADDS, Anorad, Audiovox, Avnet and Graham-Field.
Orchid Int'l, Cambridge, Ont, Canada, and Anorad Corp's Anocast Div, Hauppauge, NY, achieved ISO 9001 certification