ANORSAnticipated Not Operationally Ready
ANORSAnticipated Not-Operationally-Ready Supply
ANORSAntonio Orsenigo (Figino Serenza, Como, Italy)
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These measures were designed to expedite the receipt of NORS [not operationally ready, supply], ANORS [anticipated notoperationallyready], NMCS [not mission capable-supply], and UMS [urgent material screening] parts by identifying and filling requirements from existing ESG assets.
From February to August 2006, more than 150 CASREP (casualty reports) and ANORS requisitions were tracked and innovatively expedited by Peleliu as overall material control officer for ESG 3.
IPG I/II depending on an activity's FAD, work stoppage, CASREP, or ANORS, the same day from a servicing FISC or DLA Depot.