ANOSCArmy Network Operations and Security Center
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To sustain NetOps as a mission core competency, ANOSC is charged with monitoring and maintaining network vigilance and providing the Army and DoD decision makers a comprehensive, integrated, near real-time, situational awareness and operational reporting capability of the Army's networks, systems, security devices, and designated applications, Scott said.
Working under the direction of ANOSC, the ACERT mission is to conduct Computer Network Defense operations in support of the U.S.
The ANOSC is an Army-level headquarters that oversees six Army Theater Network Operations and Security Centers located in Europe, the Pacific, Korea, Southwest Asia, Southeastern United States, and CONUS, which covers the bulk of the networks in the United States, said Scott.
Additionally, the ANOSC is NETCOM's front line force in the realm of computer network defense, working hand-in-hand with the Army Computer Emergency Response Team (ACERT) to protect the Army's portion of the GIG from electronic threats such as worms, viruses and denial of service attacks.
While the ANOSC is the primary command, and control node it works with the NOSC and network service centers operated in each sub-region of the theater to ensure timely completion of network actions.
The ANOSC tracks service orders generated by the NSCs and configures the network as needed for any requirement.