ANOSIMAnalysis of Similarity
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Similarity analyses were performed using the index of Bray-Curtis, significant differences between samples being determined by the non parametric test of ANOSIM.
Composicion de acuerdo a los sectores: Con base en los resultados obtenidos en el ANOSIM y en los grupos que presentaron especies exclusivas en el analisis de Kaandorp, se destacaron tres grupos costeros:
The ANOSIM analysis showed significant differences between the terrestrial and marine groups (P < 0.
ANOSIM supported these visual interpretations of ordination plots and revealed that fish assemblages did not differ significantly among sampling times at any of the four sites for the spring and long-term studies (Table 6) because abundant species E.
Spatial and temporal differences among assemblages: ANOSIM indicated significant differences in fish assemblage composition on the climate season (R = 0.
004 CUADRO 3 Resultados de la prueba por pares del analisis de similitud (ANOSIM) TABLE 3 Results of pairwise test of ANOSIM Grupos R San Agustin Riscalillo 0.
Under ANOSIM, the degree of similarity between pairs can be indicated by R-values in the Global test, in which R ranged from 0 to 1, where 0 indicates high similarity and 1 indicates low similarity.
ANOSIM operates on the resemblance matrix to test the null hypothesis that there are no assemblage differences between pipe, cable, and natural habitats (factor A), allowing that there may be shallower/deeper differences (factor B), The ANOSIM sample test statistic, R, ranges from 0 (no difference between groups) to 1 (all dissimilarities between the groups are larger than any dissimilarities among samples with either group).
Multidimensional scaling analysis also indicated that there were similar resident benthic macrofaunal communities among the four substrate types (one-way ANOSIM, P > 0.