ANOSIMAnalysis of Similarity
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003), and the ANOSIM R value for this test was the highest of all tests conducted, suggesting moderate ecological significance, which is corroborated by the NMDS plot in Figure 8.
Our interpretations of the patterns shown by the NMDS analyses were supported by the ANOSIM results.
Results from the ANOSIM analysis were consistent with patterns observed in the MDS plots, showing better defined groups (i.
Pairwise ANOSIM comparisons of assemblages of adult caddisflies among seven regional groups in Lower Colorado River Basin are presented in Table 1.
Se realizo un analisis de estacionalidad de especies con las matrices de datos, aplicando NMDS, ANOSIM y SIMPER con el programa PRIMER 4.
ANOSIM results of the meristic characters (Table 1) revealed a relatively low degree of separation of the a priori designations (R = 0.
Pair wise ANOSIM test showed that most difference in species composition occurred between riparian swamp forest and plantation sites (R = 0.
Significant differences between pans were identified using the one-way ANOSIM procedure in PRIMER version 6.
We also used ANOSIM and SIMPER to examine if agroforestry classes had different abundance of feeding guilds.
58 Table 4: Results of ANOSIM global and pair-wise tests for differences in assemblage between sites impounded by a low-head dam, adjacent to a low- head dam, distant from a low-head dam, and tributaries.