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ANOVAAnalysis of Variance
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The ANOVA procedure was utilized in order to identify the parameters which have significant effects on the predictions made and arrive at a combination of system parameters that yields minimum RMSE.
ANOVA for Specific Site and Specific Treatment Interactions
Now we can examine whether the difference between the costs of funds of various categories of banks is significant or not using ANOVA.
2+] (50 ~ 200 mM) could promote oocyte maturation significantly at 60 min and 90 min (two-way ANOVA, P < 0.
ANOVA revealed that increasing the extruder feed rate increased extruder torque, die pressure and the film's Young's Modulus, but decreased extruder mean residence time and the Hunter a* and b* color values of the film.
A two-way ANOVA was used to analyze the effects of salt concentration, species, and the interaction between them.
Significant results from 3-way ANOVA exploring Position, Interval and Trial-type
In addition, the simplest form of the analysis, the one-way ANOVA in a randomised design, was illustrated using a clinical experiment.
The authors illustrate how ANOVA is employed to determine the effects of multiple variables on a single subject using such methods as post hoc and planned/weighted comparisons and ANCOVA, with plenty of examples provided to help students master statistical analyses through both SPSS and SAS interfaces.
Components of variance analysis were used to determine the proper F-tests required for the two-way ANOVA.