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ANOVAAnalysis of Variance
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The differences in the preference of frequent, intermediate, sporadic users, and non-users can be examined with one-way ANOVA of a factor.
Analysis of variance (ANOVA) is widely used in practice to compare group means and the arithmetic mean is used for necessary calculations.
At long jump with run up One Way ANOVA Independent groups and Post ANOVA TUKEY HSD test revealed significant differences between E-[C.sub.1] and E-[C.sub.2] groups in favor of group E and between groups [C.sub.1]- [C.sub.2] is insignificant differences.
Os coeficientes de repetibilidade estimados para CPFT apresentaram magnitude de 0,163 pela ANOVA a 0,257 pelo CP(correl), no experimento 2, de 0,482 pela ANOVA a 0,498 pelo CP(correl), no experimento 3 e de 0,634 pelo CP(cov) a 0,645 pelo CP(correl), no experimento 4.
lineatus had better food utilization rates (ANOVA, [F.sub.4,99] = 37.918, p = 0.0001) than P.
Subsequent to quarter end, Anova completed an agreement for the sale of its interest in the Bar Twenty Project to a private WA mining company.
Anova Financial Networks, an international carrier and market data provider, has announced its partnership with NovaSparks, the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) market data company, to launch MicroFeed, the company said.
Tarjama, a leading language service provider in the Middle East, has raised $5 million in Series A funding round led by Saudi based Anova Investments.
Tarjama, a language service provider in the Middle East, has successfully raised $5 million in a Series A funding round led by Saudi-based Anova Investments.
(NASDAQ: RBBN) has agreed to purchase the business and technology assets of Boston, US-based advanced analytics solutions provider Anova Data, Inc., the company said.