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ANOVAAnalysis of Variance
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EEMM, SEM - Standard Error of Mean, ANOVA - Analysis of Variance, Values= Mean [+ or -] SEM, n= 6 in each group, (a) - p < 0.
The magnitudes of the estimates were higher for ANOVA when compared with the other methods in both experiments.
In this manuscript, the ANOVA is used as a preliminary check for significance, and the t-test is used to make a more detailed comparison.
Table-3: Statistical analysis by one way ANOVA of total phenolic contents of Saccharum officinarum roots extracts
I] by 3 different methods: (a) The standard ANOVA is based on a nested ANOVA performed on the raw data, where the resulting [SD.
In this study the effect of using trimmed mean winsorized mean and a new approach instead of arithmetic mean on type-I error rate in one-way fixed effect ANOVA was investigated.
In this work, we developed an alternative Monte Carlo method to simulate precise and accurate critical values for ANOVA and F tests and natural logarithm-transformation based polynomial regressions for the interpolation of simulated values and calculation of sample probabilities.
At long jump with run up One Way ANOVA Independent groups and Post ANOVA TUKEY HSD test revealed significant differences between E-[C.
The ANOVA is the first WiFi-equipped studio lighting system that lets you wirelessly control brightness, colour, system settings, and even update firmware.
O menor valor foi obtido pelo metodo da ANOVA no experimento 1 e o maior pelo CP(cov) no Experimento 4.