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ANPAAgenzia Nazionale per la Protezione dell'Ambiente (Italy)
ANPAAssociation of National Park Authorities (UK)
ANPAAmerican Newspaper Publishers Association
ANPAAmerican Neuropsychiatric Association (est. 1988)
ANPAAll Nippon Producers Association (Japan)
ANPAPara-Anthropologist (US Coast Guard)
ANPAActif Net Par Action
ANPAAsociacion Nacional de Profesionales Agricolas
ANPAAlternating Notch-Periodogram Algorithm
ANPAAcid Neutralization Potencial Acidity (chemical analysis)
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One of the founders, Metrokin recalls that before ANPA he used to meet other Native professionals at Chamber, Commonwealth North or Rotary meetings--business-related functions in Anchorage.
of there being a reversal of the case unless the ANPA or some other
The ANPA recently wrote to OS map manager Paul Smith following a previous meeting but is still waiting for a reply.
ANPA indicates apparently normal palmar aponeurosis; CB, contracture bands; and TFB, thickened fiber bundles.
Algunos de los miembros de ANPA han tenido que pedir la ayuda de la asociacion en circunstancias verdaderamente dramaticas.
Interest in the hybrid ANPA soybean color ink has grown so much that about a third of ANPA's members have already switched to partial soy-based color inks.
However, the ANPA still has "concerns" about the worksharing and automation discounts won in the face of fierce lobbying by APNA members.
The ANPA are the water carriers for the tobacco industry," he said.
He affirmed that ANPA members, who have benefited from the unswerving services of the company, specifically requested that Homework should participate in the conference in order to take the Nigerian success story to the outside world.
As for how nurse practitioners have been serving in the field, findings from a 2007 Alaska Nurse Practitioner Association (ANPA) survey of trends suggested about 27 percent of them (45 persons) were found to be working in medically underserved areas, said Martha Herriott, ANPA president.
The Diversity Seminar, organized by the Task Force and convened by the American Newspaper Publishers Association, the National Advertising Bureau, and the American Society of Newspaper Editors, resulted in a number of recommendations that the ANPA currently is coalescing into an action plan.