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ANPAAgenzia Nazionale per la Protezione dell'Ambiente (Italy)
ANPAAssociation of National Park Authorities (UK)
ANPAAmerican Newspaper Publishers Association
ANPAAmerican Neuropsychiatric Association (est. 1988)
ANPAAll Nippon Producers Association (Japan)
ANPAPara-Anthropologist (US Coast Guard)
ANPAActif Net Par Action
ANPAAsociacion Nacional de Profesionales Agricolas
ANPAAcid Neutralization Potencial Acidity (chemical analysis)
ANPAAlternating Notch-Periodogram Algorithm
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One of the founders, Metrokin recalls that before ANPA he used to meet other Native professionals at Chamber, Commonwealth North or Rotary meetings--business-related functions in Anchorage.
Tabela 1--Efeito da coinoculacao Bradyrhizobium e Bacillus subtilis sobre o numero (NN), a massa dos nodulos secos (MNS), a materia seca da parte aerea (MSPA) e as raizes (MSR), a leitura de clorofila e o acumulo de N na parte aerea (ANPA) em feijao-caupi e leucena.
McCormick to head the ANPA's Committee on Freedom of the Press in
ANPA and the operators have agreed to a meet once a year.
The ANPA recently wrote to OS map manager Paul Smith following a previous meeting but is still waiting for a reply.
(*) ANPA indicates apparently normal palmar aponeurosis; CB, contracture bands; and TFB, thickened fiber bundles.
Donald Hensel, head of environmental compliance at the American Newspaper Publishers Association, told attendees at ANPA's 1991 convention, "Government regulators may not be interested in working with the industry to achieve compliance.
The diversity plan prepared by the CEOs of the newspaper industry and issued by the ANPA on the surface is encouraging aging because it is the first statement ever issued by the publishers with some kind of concrete action plan.
Blending an ink from soybean oil was tackled by the American Newspaper Publishers Association (ANPA) in the early 1980's.
The American Newspaper Publisher's Association (ANPA) claimed the discounts would unfairly favor direct mailers and cost newspapers millions of dollars in freestanding-insert revenue.