ANPATAssociation Nationale pour la Prevention des Accidents du Travail (Brussels)
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Parents Mean * And 277 0,83a G122 ** 1,10a Carioca-mg 1,10a Cal 143 1,20a Ma 4.137 1,27a Ci 128 1,37a Comp.negro 1,53a Anpat 8.12 1,67b Mar/01 1,87b Jalo 1,87b Mar/02 2,27b Perola 2,50c Iapar 81 2,60c G5686 2,67c Ouro negro 2,90d CI 140 3,03d Corujinha ** 3,10d Esal 693 3,67e * The means followed by the same letter belong to the same group according to the test of Scott-Knott, at 5% of probability.