ANPCAustralian Network for Plant Conservation
ANPCAutoritatea Nationala pentru Protectia Consumatorilor
ANPCAdult Neural Progenitor Cells
ANPCAustralian National Playwrights' Centre
ANPCAlberta Native Plant Council
ANPCAutoridade Nacional da Protecção Civil (Portuguese: National Authority for Civil Protection; Lisbon, Portugal)
ANPCAkzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals (various locations)
ANPCAkzo Nobel Powder Coatings (various locations)
ANPCAssociação Nacional de Psicanálise Clínica
ANPCAutoritatii Nationale pentru Protectia Consumatorului (Romania)
ANPCAssociação Nacional de Proprietários e Produtores de Caça
ANPCAdvanced Navigation & Positioning Corporation
ANPCAnaerobic Plate Count
ANPCAquatic Nuisance Plant Control, Inc.
ANPCA Notional Principal Contract (taxes)
ANPCAmerica's National Prayer Committee
ANPCAssociação Nacional de Pesquisas Científicas
ANPCAnimal Nutrition Physiology Center
ANPCAnnual National Pez Convention
ANPCAsociación Nacional de Profesores de Ciencia
ANPCAssociation Nigerien des Professionalles en Communication
ANPCAgenzia Nazionale della Protezione Civile
ANPCAddressing and Numbering Policy Council
ANPCAmerican National Petroleum Corp.
ANPCAccomack-Northampton Pregnancy Center
ANPCAbuse Neglect Prevention Committee
ANPCAnti Noise Pollution Committee
ANPCAntenna/Nonmetallics Product Center (Raytheon)
ANPCAsymmetric Nonlinear Photonic Crystal
ANPCAdvanced Non Profile Character (gaming)
ANPCAssemblée Nationale Populaire de Chine
ANPCAdoptable Non-Playing Character (gaming)
ANPCAlabama Nurse Practitioner Council
ANPCAutorité Nationale pour la Protection du Consommateur
ANPCA Network Payment Company
ANPCAgência Nacional de Previdência Complementar
ANPCAll-Night Party Chick
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L'ANPC, creee en 2017, a pour ambition, rappelle-t-on, de A.
The SC said ANPC correctly pointed out that, membership fees, assessment dues, and the like are not subject to VAT because in collecting such fees, the club is not selling its service to the members.
When the BIR did not act on its request after two years, ANPC filed on Sept.
Bhattacharya, "Analysis and design of active NPC (ANPC) inverters for fault-tolerant operation of high-power electrical drives," IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, vol.
Rodriguez, "Converter structure-based power loss and static thermal modeling of the press-pack igbt-based three-level ANPC and HB VSCs applied to multi-MW wind turbines," in Proceedings of the 2010 2nd IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition, (ECCE '10), pp.
The contract was signed by Sameer Abdulla Nass, managing director of ANPC, and Nabeel A.
Likewise, ANPC has initiated actions of regular and unexpected control.
The TLS was developed by Advanced Navigation and Positioning Corporation (ANPC) in Hood River, OR and provides Category I approach guidance.
Compared with traditional 3-level neutral-point-clamped topologies, the advanced neutral-point-clamped (ANPC) inverter design supports an even loss distribution between semiconductor devices.
Dans un communique diffuse lundi dernier, elle tente de recadrer quelques [beaucoup moins que]derives[beaucoup plus grand que] dans l'information relayee par l'association nationale des producteurs de poulets de chair (ANPC).
From this discussion, the Army Nurse Practice Council (ANPC) concept evolved as a method for senior nursing leaders across the Army Medical Command to prioritize nursing evidence-based practice initiatives and approve AN CPGs for dissemination and application into the nursing practice environment of our garrison MTFs and in our deployed healthcare settings.