ANPFAssociazione Nazionale Pensionati Famiglia (Italian: National Association of Retired Family)
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It added: "In light of the positions expressed to date by the ANPF and Mr Bricolage, the anti-trust clearance will not be obtained by 31 March 2015 and therefore the July 2014 agreement will lapse on that date.
The format for this year's ANPF is yet to be confirmed.
This programme includes a number of workstreams that will come to fruition in the near future, and which serve to address the issues raised at the Annual National Professional Forum (ANPF) in Southport last year.
In order to ensure that the debate at the ANPF is right up to date and reflects the current workplace environment and issues, we have opted to use an approach called 'Open Space'.
In order to facilitate Open Space, representatives attending the ANPF will be provided with explanatory notes to read as they arrive for the session.
Those of you who attended the Annual National Professional Forum (ANPF) and debated the issues raised at conference in Harrogate last year will be wondering what we have been up to since.
Another concern from last year's ANPF was the lack of training places and the impact of this on practice teachers.
We are looking forward to a lively debate at the ANPF prior to this year's conference, and as usual we welcome observers to the forum.
At the last annual Unite/CPHVA conference in Torquay, representatives attending the Annual National Professional Forum (ANPF) debated questions that had been collected from members through this journal and local professional forum Green pages.
The themes raised at the ANPF were then used to steer Unite/CPHVA's professional agenda, and professional officers will report on the achievements they have since made to the ANPF at this year's conference in Harrogate in November.