ANPOAssociazione Nazionale Primari Ospedalieri (Italian: National Association of Primary Hospitals)
ANPOAssociazione Nazionale Prevenzione Oncologica (Italian: National Association for Prevention of Cancer)
ANPOAstronomy National Public Observatory (educational organization)
ANPOAICPA Not-for-Profit Organizations
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Dans cet entretien, Farid Ibn Khayat, producteur d'oeuf de consommation et president d'honneur de l'Association nationale du producteur de l'oeuf(ANPO), revient sur les principales caracteristiques du secteur de la production des oeufs de consommationau Maroc.
Es un concepto clave de su pensamiento, surgido en oposicion a las reflexiones de la izquierda institucional y de los intelectuales progresistas respecto al trauma de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, y que se desarrolla con esta misma logica opositora a traves de experiencias de posguerra como la lucha contra la renovacion del Anpo en 1959 y 1960.
This study for students and scholars investigates the violent Japanese protests against the Anpo treaty, the 1960 revision of a postwar treaty that allowed the US to have a military presence in Japan.
Jose Olinares Jr., Anpo founder and chair who is also running for a party list seat in Congress under OFW Family Party, had produced the movie Upline Downline to which a group of complainants contributed P1 million.
"Artevida (anpo)" (body) at Casa Franca-Brasil and "artevida (politica)" (politics) at the Museu de Arte Moderna formed the two main pillars, and the chapters "artevida (arquivo)" (archive) at the Biblioteca Parque Estadual and "artevida (parque)" (park) at the Escola de Artes Visuals do Parque Lage formed a short prologue and epilogue.
After all, the early LDP had been known for an authoritarian understanding of government, as exemplified by the Kishi administration's heavy-handed attempts to crack down on those protesting against the revision and extension of the Mutual Security Assistance Treaty (anpo) with the United States in 1960 (Winkler 2012, 62-65).
Especie Abreviatura Caracteristicas Anisostichus posticus (Dejean, ANPO M, R, Hs, U, Om 1829) Apenes aeneus Dejean, 1831 APAE X?, R.
Anpo, "Study of adsorption and degradation of acid orange 7 on the surface of Ce[O.sub.2] under visible light irradiation," Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, vol.
The other two bids which had lower scores were DMH Civil Company, Sofia (aDogus Insaat ve TICARET" JSC, Istanbul, Turkey, aNPO Mostovik" LTD, Omsk, Russia, Hidrostroy JSC , Varna) and "OHL a Trace a Struma II" Union, Sofia ("Trace Group Hold" JSC, Sofia, Bulgaria, "Obraskon Uarte Lain" S.A, Madrid, Spain).
Anpo, "Efficient removal of toluene and benzene in gas phase by the TiO2/Y-zeolite hybrid photocatalyst," Journal of Hazardous Materials, vol.
The film, a brutal three-hour epic that combines archival footage with dramatic narrative, is comprised of three unequal parts and begins by laying out the complicated history of the student movement in Japan from its beginnings in the ANPO protests of 1960 to its culmination in the Communist coalition of the United Red Army.