ANPOAssociazione Nazionale Primari Ospedalieri (Italian: National Association of Primary Hospitals)
ANPOAssociazione Nazionale Prevenzione Oncologica (Italian: National Association for Prevention of Cancer)
ANPOAstronomy National Public Observatory (educational organization)
ANPOAICPA Not-for-Profit Organizations
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Au programme des activites figurent egalement des rencontres-debats sur l'organisation des circuits de commercialisation de l'oeuf, les nouveaux debouches pour la filiere de l'oeuf : export et transformation de l'oeuf et une communication sur les bienfaits nutritionnels de l'oeuf, precise ANPO.
Especie Abreviatura Caracteristicas Anisostichus posticus (Dejean, ANPO M, R, Hs, U, Om 1829) Apenes aeneus Dejean, 1831 APAE X?
The film, a brutal three-hour epic that combines archival footage with dramatic narrative, is comprised of three unequal parts and begins by laying out the complicated history of the student movement in Japan from its beginnings in the ANPO protests of 1960 to its culmination in the Communist coalition of the United Red Army.