ANPPAll Nigeria Peoples Party
ANPPAnnual Net Primary Production
ANPPArizona Nuclear Power Project (Arizona Public Service Company)
ANPPArmy Nuclear Power Program
ANPPAbove Ground Net Primary Productivity
ANPPArmenia Nuclear Power Plant
ANPPAssociation Nationale pour la Protection des Plantes (French: National Association for the Protection of Plants)
ANPPAircraft Nuclear Propulsion Project
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In March 2010, Buhari left the ANPP for the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) he had helped to found.
The international control of both NPP and ANPP is necessary to prevent the illicit production of fentanyl and related fentanyl-like substances.
From 2006 to 2014, fatal incidents involved mainly the PDP (86%), followed by the ANPP (27%), the AC (13%) / ACN (8%), the CPC (10%), the APC (5%) and the LP (less than 5%).
We used a two-factor ANOVA to test the effect of N-addition, P-addition, and their interaction on ANPP.
His closest rival Major General Muhammadu Buhari of the ANPP polled 6605299 while Alhaji Abubakar Atiku of the AC garnered 2 637 848 votes.
The ANPP was estimated based on average of 2000-2006 ANPP maps (NTSG, 2012), validated with information obtained under experimental conditions (Feldman, Permingeat, Ortiz et al.
Given that Armenia depends on the ANPP for over 40% of its electricity, the Armenian Government sees no alternative to construction of a new nuclear plant.
Finalmente, los candidatos a delegados AP/diputados ANPP son nominados por las <<Asambleas Municipales PP>>, las cuales tienen la facultad de aprobar o rechazar a uno o todos los precandidatos, y una vez constituidas en sesion extraordinaria mediante una votacion, resultaran nominados candidatos los que obtengan mas de la mitad de los votos (50% mas 1).
The ANPP is considered a predominantly Muslim party, while the PDP is mainly Christian.
In 2004, ANPP for the forest was estimated at 847 [+ or -] 50 g [m.
Aboveground Net Primary Productivity (g DM m-2year-1), Forage ANPP and accumulative precipitations (mm) for the period 1990/1994 in Pampa de Salamanca (Chubut province), Argentina Periodo 90/91 * 91/92 * 92/93 * 93/94 * Media PPNA 48,63 47,80 57,01 25,81 44,81 Total PPNA 23,97 34,49 52,57 11,44 30,61 Forrajera Precipitacion 105,7 373,2 382,1 11,23 243,37 Acumulada * Cada periodo es considerado de mayo a abril Tabla 2.
In Hawaiian montane forests, we assessed whether the same nutrients limit decomposition and aboveground net primary production (ANPP) along a soil chronosequence where nutrients demonstrably and predictably limit ANPP.