ANPRMAdvance Notice of Proposed Rule Making
ANPRMAdvance Notice of Public Rulemaking (US DHS and US EPA)
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"Without more concrete data about how [automated vehicles] will function and their impact on the industry, our feedback on the ANPRM is generally speculative.
The ANPRM lists 16 countries with developed economies that were included in an HHS study of international drug pricing (ASPE 2018).
(96) It requested public comment in its ANPRM, and released a bulletin to "inform national banks, federal savings associations, and federal branches and agencies (collectively banks) about clarifications to OCC supervisory policies and processes regarding how examiners evaluate and communicate bank performance under the CRA." (97) These proposals and modifications involve geographic constraints on assessment areas, the type of information considered in a performance evaluation, and changes to the timeline of the evaluation process.
SPIE--which represents stakeholders in multiple areas covered in the ANPRM, including biotechnology, AI and machine learning--highlighted that research teams in the US working in the listed fields are highly international, and the impact of export controls on the research community should be considered.
In its response to the ANPRM, PVA pointed to several aspects of the 2015 regulations that were significant improvements over previous rules.
Gas gathering line safety continued to receive additional scrutiny in the years following the issuance of the ANPRM. In the Pipeline Safety, Regulatory Certainty, and Job Creation Act of 2011 (2011 Act), Congress directed PHMSA to review existing regulations for gas and hazardous liquid gathering lines and to prepare and submit a report describing the results of that review and any recommendations for further legislative action.
The ANPRM identified seven areas for potential reform and solicited public comment on whether and how the Rule should be changed.
API and AOPL also believe that many of the topics being considered in the ANPRM do not warrant the issuance of a formal rulemaking." Rorick did not respond to a question asking whether the new proposed rule included any "wholesale changes."
* High impact and major regulations would begin with an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPRM), through which agencies would share and gather information before they develop an approach to address the identified problem through proposed rulemaking.
In response, in 2004, the IRS issued an advance notice of proposed rulemaking (2004 ANPRM), announcing that it would consider the comments it had received and promulgate new proposed regulations.