ANPRMAdvance Notice of Proposed Rule Making
ANPRMAdvance Notice of Public Rulemaking (US DHS and US EPA)
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In April 2016, following an extended period of intergovernmental review and more than four years after issuing the ANPRM, PHMSA published its proposed gas gathering line rules in the Federal Register.
50) The ANPRM contemplates maintaining the requirement of review by a convened IRB for research involving more than minimal risk.
75) After all, the 25% threshold is based upon extensive comments to the ANPRM.
Any textual revisions between the ANPRM and the NPRM were minor and did not alter the substance of the original ANPRM.
101 (2004) (describing the steps taken in one Basel II ANPRM in some detail).
Insofar as the ANPRM would bring virtually all medical research under the same strict ELSI requirements, it may restrain or even impede the voluntary research efforts of citizens who gather and share genomic data outside the NIH-hospital-academic establishment.
While the rulemaking comment period for the ANPRM has closed, there is still ample opportunity for public comment, and it is likely to be some time before the actual proposed rule making is published in the Federal Register.
Nevertheless, for now, the coverage mandate is the law, not the regulations promised by the ANPRM, and there is no guarantee that the plaintiffs will find the new regulations to be acceptable, Cogan wrote.
The more we learn," said the association's letter, "the more it appears that the ANPRM [the March 21, 2012, Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking] approaches for both insured and self-insured plans would be unduly cumbersome and would be unlikely to adequately meet the religious liberty concerns of all of our members and other church ministries.
78) This revised ANPRM replaced the language discussing preemption with boilerplate language that stated there was a "possibility" the MVSA would preempt state law, but NHTSA claimed that it did not "know of any State laws or regulations that currently exist that are potentially at risk of being preempted.
recommendations, (50) the more recent ANPRM, (51) and the ongoing clamor