ANPRMAdvance Notice of Proposed Rule Making
ANPRMAdvance Notice of Public Rulemaking (US DHS and US EPA)
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101 (2004) (describing the steps taken in one Basel II ANPRM in some detail).
Insofar as the ANPRM would bring virtually all medical research under the same strict ELSI requirements, it may restrain or even impede the voluntary research efforts of citizens who gather and share genomic data outside the NIH-hospital-academic establishment.
In a statement to Underground Construction, PHMSA says it "will also continue moving forward" with the ANPRM which is "complementary" to the new pipeline safety bill, called the Pipeline Safety, Regulatory Certainty and Job Creation Act.
seventy-four queries that erupted from the recent ANPRM.
The ANPRM identifies a number of "barriers to accessibility" that it seeks to address, specifically websites that "fail to incorporate or activate features that enable users with disabilities to access all the site's information or elements.
In addition to historical and explanatory information relating to the DOJ's efforts in making the Internet fully accessible by individuals with disabilities, the ANPRM contains 19 numbered questions relating to topics such as the impact of any new regulatory requirements on small businesses, the costs and benefits of such regulations, coverage limitations, and compliance issues.
The ANPRM also is part of FDA's focus on farm-to-table prevention of food safety hazards.
The Small Starts program is intended to offer small projects an expedited and streamlined application and review process; however, the transit community has questioned whether the Small Starts program, as outlined in the ANPRM, would provide such a process.
The OWG recommends that the FDA publish an ANPRM about the NFP.
The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) believes that, of the three alternatives identified in the ANPRM, a varied approach to Option 1--an evidencebased ranking system that would require a premarket petition of qualified health claims--would provide the greatest benefit to consumers.
Several coalition members had been among the harshest critics of CPSC's earlier approach and, based on this new-found support, the three CPSC Commissioner voted October 21 to expand the rulemaking proceeding to include cigarette ignition and reprose the effort as an ANPRM.
This letter will address the questions posed by FinCEN in the ANPRM in the order presented.