ANPSAccess Network Planning System
ANPSArizona Native Plant Society
ANPSArkansas Native Plant Society
ANPSAnnals of Plastic Surgery
ANPSAnnandale North Public School (New South Wales, Australia)
ANPSAdvanced Naval Propulsion Symposium (ASNE)
ANPSAmerican National Straight Pipe (pipe thread)
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Correlation coefficients between ANPS and NEO-FFI-R were calculated.
Finally, the third factor included the dimension Neuroticism together with Spirituality and the three negative dimensions of the ANPS (FEAR, ANGER and SADNESS), although ANGER had a significant loading on the second and the third factors.
Correlations between PANAS and the ANPS scales were calculated.
An EFA was carried out on the combined ANPS and PANAS scales, following a similar method to that used in the analysis of the ANPS and the NEO-FFI-R, to test the bifactorial structure of the affects proposed by Davis et al.
Validity and reliability obtained reveal adequate psychometric properties of Spanish translation of the ANPS.
Results showed that the dimensions of the ANPS correlate with those of the NEO-FFI-R scales in a similar way to the original study (Davis et al.
2008), each of the ANPS dimensions relates to at least one of the Five Factor Model dimensions.
Our findings support the existence of a common bifactorial structure between the ANPS and the PANAS scales.
The ANPS showed an adequate construct validity of the ANPS, the results support the bifactorial structure of the scales (Davis et al.
In brief, the results corresponding to the Spanish validation of the ANPS are highly satisfactory.
Owing to the above reasons, the ANPS can help to look for the biological substrate of the Five Factors proposed by Costa and McCrae, as one of the strongest criticisms made of this model is that its dimensions are not formulated on the basis of a biological substrate (e.