ANRAAmerican Nostalgia Racing Association
ANRAAustralian Natural Resources Atlas
ANRAArmenian Nuclear Regulatory Authority
ANRAArapaho National Recreation Area
ANRAAngelina and Neches River Authority (Texas)
ANRAAssociation of Natural Rubber in Africa
ANRAAustralian National Rodent Association
ANRAAmistad National Recreation Area
ANRAAustralian Novelty Racing Association
ANRAAir Navigation Radio Aid
ANRAAquarium Network Retailers Association
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ANRA and its technical and support organization, the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Centre (NRSC), are not financially competitive compared with the industry and ANPP.
J'ai par ailleurs mene des entretiens avec le personnel de la clinique de l'ONG ANRA et avec sa directrice, laquelle m'a permis d'assister a trois procedures de vasectomie.
Even ANRA, which is focused primarily on lobbying and industry representation rather than the provision of customised services, is largely steering clear of industrial and union relations.
ANRA Chief Executive Officer Margy Osmond said over the weekend that Aussie retailers would enjoy a better Christmas this year compared to the past years when shoppers held on to their purses tighter.
(72) Auto cabeza de proceso de Julian de Yecora subdelegado de este partido, teniente a guerra y delegado de minas etc a, en Causa criminal de oficio seguida por el Subdelegado de la villa de San Jose de Logrono contra el cacique del pueblo de Pomaire sobre la resistencia que hizo a que el teniente de justicia de aquella villa don Rafael Gonzalez sacase de su pueblo algunos chinitos de orden de dicho subdelegado y alzamiento que hizo con los indios de su pueblo y de otros contra el teniente y demas auxilio que llevaba, San Jose de Logrono, 17 de septiembre de 1811, ANRA, Vol.
Production-related data were obtained from the ANRA and expert regional agronomists.
931; Seccion Criminales, Fondo Judicial de Talca (ANJT), legajo 225, pieza 25; Fondo Real Audiencia (ANRA), vol.
16) mines lichoman leower ealne gefria dine plaeg sceldae gescyldendum anra gehwylc paet\npa sweartan dioflu on minre sidan cueccen swa swa gewuniad scytas [LorGl2].
mines lichoman lewera alle aloes Mea gibre pernas omnes libera, gesundum plegscylde gescyldendum anra gehwylc tuta pelta protegente singula, pette nalaes da sweartan deoblu in minre sidan ut non tetri demones in latera leligen swa swa gewuniad scytas flanas mea liberantur, ut solent, iacula.
The Avesta tells that Ahura Mazda (creator god) and Anra Mainyu (Ahriman, the god of evil) were twins.
and in Judith, where her prayer for victory over Holofernes is answered: Hi da se hehste Dema aedre mit elne onbryrde, swa He ded anra gehwylcne herbuendra, he Hyne him to helpe seced, mid raede and mid rihte geleafan (94-97).
The President of FERMA, Julia Graham, gave the opening address followed by a welcome from the President of the Italian Risk Management Association ANRA, Alessandro De Felice.