ANRCArkansas Natural Resources Commission (Little Rock, AR)
ANRCAffiliated National Riding Commission (equestrian education)
ANRCAutoritatea Nationala de Reglementare in Comunicatii (Romania)
ANRCAmerican National Red Cross
ANRCAnimal Nutrition Research Council
ANRCAlaska Native Regional Corporation
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The ANRC Intercollegiate Equitation Championship is a national championship where colleges showcase their most talented riders in a team competition judged and scored on both a written test and riding skills.
The omission of chapters dealing with the ANRC collection and its fate, and the role of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies in raising the awareness of the value of material culture is a weakness in the volume, as it was at the conference (however, see Davis 2008).
Similar conclusions resulted from the negotiations conducted by the Rockefeller Foundation, which led to the latter's decision to place a substantial annual grant at the disposal of the ANRC for the endowment of anthropological field research.
Radcliffe-Brown (1929b) announced in his report to the ANRC that 'G Laves (University of Chicago) has been appointed visiting Investigator .
In May 1932 Raymond Firth, acting Professor of Anthropology at the University of Sydney, following the resignation of Radcliffe-Brown, wrote to the ANRC in support of Piddington's application for a fellowship to study in London: `Mr Piddington is interested particularly in the problems presented by mythology and dreams in native life, and in the theoretical aspects of the relations between social anthropology and Psychology .
Nevertheless, it seems these records were not placed in 'safe custody' through the ANRC but ended up with Tom Wright, a union official and friend of Olive Pink.
Once they left Vesteys, they did not mention the company by name and gave the impression that they were employed by either the University of Sydney or the ANRC (Berndt and Berndt 1948b:14).
The ANRC will use a major segment of the funding to make below market loans to community water systems.
The ANRC aims at addressing this paradox as the AfDB s focal point for building knowledge, implementing policy and driving strategy for management of natural resources such as minerals, oil and gas, forests, fish, water or land.
Researchers of ANRC developed mobile system antennas that can be etched onto an aircraft's interior panels and sensors that harvest power from the aircraft environment.
Standard & Poor's today assigned its ratings to ANRC Auto Owner Trust 2001-A's $850 million asset-backed notes (see list).
John Barr, President and CEO of VITEX commented, "Together, VITEX and the ANRC are establishing a leadership position by making available the safest blood products for hospitals, physicians and their patients.