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As of April 2011, 2,919 (93%) of 3,144 US counties (or county equivalents in the ANRF database) had no workplace 100% smoke-free laws in force, while 2,996 (95%) had no 100% smoke-free laws in bars and 2,918 (or 93%) had no 100% smoke-free laws in restaurants.
[13] ANRF, Overview List--How many Smokefree Laws-Berkeley, CA, USA, 2014.
[28] ANRF, Summary of 100% Smokefree State Laws and Population Protected by 100% U.S.
First, the STATE System and ANRF only capture information on certain types of smoking restrictions, primarily laws and executive orders; therefore, this report does not include information on state or local administrative laws, regulations, or implementation guidelines.
([section][section]) For example, CDC considered Colorado or New Mexico to have comprehensive smoke-free laws, although ANRF does not because of certain workplace exemptions for small employers.
Although the ANRF provides the best data available, there are two important caveats the reader should keep in mind.
The ANRF is the source for our data on comprehensive private place smoking bans (see Section III).
Tobacco Control Laws Database ([dagger]) maintained by ANRF. This database categorizes various types of U.S.
The ANRF database tracks state smoking restrictions as well as local smoking restrictions.