ANRFAmericans for Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation
ANRFArthritis National Research Foundation (Long Beach, CA)
ANRFAssociation Nationale des Retraités Fédéraux
ANRFArea Normalization with Response Factors
ANRFAcute Non-Inflammatory Renal Failure
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section][section]) For example, CDC considered Colorado or New Mexico to have comprehensive smoke-free laws, although ANRF does not because of certain workplace exemptions for small employers.
The ANRF is the source for our data on comprehensive private place smoking bans (see Section III).
The ANRF database tracks state smoking restrictions as well as local smoking restrictions.
Notes: Questions: For more information on the Arthritis & the Aging Process research grant, contact Helene Belisle, ANRF Executive Director, at hbelisle@curearthritis.