ANRPAverage Net Revenue Product
ANRPAutomatic Number Plate Recognition
ANRPAdvanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
ANRPAverage Normal Rated Power
ANRPAlleged Non-Resident Parent
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The ANRP forecasts 75 percent of the country's estimated rail freight traffic between 2017 and 2040 will be mineral transport.
The ANRP is underpinned by the Commercial Market Feasibility Analysis (business case), Terrain and Freight Rail Corridor Feasibility Analysis (technical and financial feasibility and risk analysis), and Legal and Regulatory Framework (proper governance and facilitation of economic viability).
Overall, the preferred national railway design presents medium risk based on key ANRP stakeholder input and is consistent with other large-scale capital investment projects in Afghanistan.
The ANRP provides a framework connecting Afghanistan's outlying cities, industrial sites, and commercial interests with neighboring countries and new markets.
While many railway proposals have been provided to GIRoA, the uniqueness of the ANRP is twofold: the ANRP provides objective recommendations principally focused on best value for the Afghan people, and the ANRP is underpinned by a business case (the Commercial Market Feasibility Analysis) reflecting revenue potential by sector over a 25-year period.
Interministerial competition, lack of cooperation and transparency, and rampant corruption must genuinely be fixed before the key decisions in the ANRP can be enacted.
In this case, the evaluation is made by certified evaluators of ANRP through a separate procedure, depending on the market value.
There are situations in which the second evaluation is exceeded if ANRP delays the approval of a file (with one year or even more).
There is a common shared opinion at the local level that ANRP functions pretty slow.
However, without this information ANRP evaluators find it difficult to evaluate the properties.
Current situation of files under Law 10/2001 Total Number of registered requests 201,769 At the level of local authorities 190,685 * Approved 63,189 * Restitution 15,067 * Compensation (goods or services) 1,330 * In cash or bonds * 42,051 * Combined measures * 4,741 * Rejected 36,416 * Re-directed 20,520 * Pending 70,560 At the level of national authorities 11,084 (Ministries and AVAS) * Approved 1,725 * Restitution 667 * Compensation (goods or services) 957 * In cash or bonds * 89 * Combined measures * 12 * Rejected 1,698 * Re-directed 7,661 * Pending * Prefects check the legality of the documents and direct them to ANRP where they're checked again and the compensatibn level & settled.