ANRPAutomatic Number Plate Recognition
ANRPAdvanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
ANRPAverage Normal Rated Power
ANRPAlleged Non-Resident Parent
ANRPAverage Net Revenue Product
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The ANRP is underpinned by the Commercial Market Feasibility Analysis (business case), Terrain and Freight Rail Corridor Feasibility Analysis (technical and financial feasibility and risk analysis), and Legal and Regulatory Framework (proper governance and facilitation of economic viability).
Overall, the preferred national railway design presents medium risk based on key ANRP stakeholder input and is consistent with other large-scale capital investment projects in Afghanistan.
The ANRP provides a framework connecting Afghanistan's outlying cities, industrial sites, and commercial interests with neighboring countries and new markets.
While many railway proposals have been provided to GIRoA, the uniqueness of the ANRP is twofold: the ANRP provides objective recommendations principally focused on best value for the Afghan people, and the ANRP is underpinned by a business case (the Commercial Market Feasibility Analysis) reflecting revenue potential by sector over a 25-year period.