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ANRPCAssociation of Natural Rubber Producing Countries
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The ANRPC report says physical prices of NR are increasingly dominated by sentiments in Shanghai and TOCOM futures which are vulnerable to fluctuations in currencies, crude oil prices and geo-political developments.
ANRPC Chairman Ahmed Abou Rouh said the project targets an increase in high octane gasoline, by establishing an additional unit to reform and improve catalytic naphtha.
Evans, International Rubber Study Group; Kamarul Baharain Basir, ANRPC, Malaysia; Shahabudin Shafie, Kumpulan Ladang Perbadanan Kedah, Malaysia; Aliasak Ambia, National Association of Smallholders Malaysia; Sheela Thomas, Rubber Board of India; Chairil Anwar, Indonesian Rubber Research Institute; Suarni Sumormo, Malaysian Rubber Board; and C.
Presentations will include: "Emerging trends in global supply of natural rubber," Kamarul Baharain, ANRPC; "Emerging trends in demand for natural rubber and synthetic rubber," Robert Simmons, LMC International; "Medium and long term strategies for the NR sector in ANRPC member countries," Jom Jacob, ANRPC; "New developments in the automotive tire manufacturing industry in China," Mary Xu, China Rubber Industry Association; "New developments in the automotive tire manufacturing industry in India," P.
Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries, Second Annual Rubber Conference on "Beyond the crisis: Emerging Asia and opportunities for natural rubber," Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, ANRPC, tel.