ANSALAsociación Nacional de Salineros (National Association of Salt Miners, Guatemala)
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The Ansals can easily raise Rs 60 crores by selling a few flats or villas.
the Ansals that the two be let off after considering the period of the imprisonment they have already undergone considering their age.
On March 5, the court held the Ansals guilty in the 1997 tragedy saying they were more interested about making money than ensuring safety of cinegoers.
The bench was hearing an application filed by the Association of Victims of Uphr Fire Tragedy (AVUT) against Ansals travelling abroad without the court's permission.
Later, the Delhi High Court reduced the sentence of the Ansals from two years to one year, as the judges contended they were respectable citizens and had no criminal record.
This meant that the kin of victims of the tragedy, who have been fighting for justice since 17 years, will have to wait for some time more to know the punishment the Ansals will be awarded.