ANSCAAlaska Native Settlement Claims Act
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47) Subsequently, ANSCA [section] 7(k) requires 50 percent of this revenue to be apportioned to the village corporations.
Douglas Jones was a member of the Federal Field Committee which laid the groundwork for ANSCA.
Firstly, the proposal to bring the Catholic immigration ministry under ANSCA.
In this framework, Santamaria, with the backing of the majority of the Australian Catholic Bishops, was trying to arrange not only that the CIO become part of ANSCA but also that the Young Christian Workers (YCW) and the National Catholic Girls Movement (NCGM), as well as the Newman Society of Victoria (NSV) do the same.
155) Second, although ANSCA eliminated nearly all Indian country in Alaska, it "did not divest federally-recognized sovereign Alaska Native tribes of their authority to regulate internal domestic relations among their members.
Formed as a Native corporation under ANSCA, the corporation unites more than 17,300 Alaska Native shareholders, primarily of the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian people.
In the early years, ANSCA corporations tried to develop the natural resources on their land selections.
ANSCA (Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act) corporations now represent nearly half the revenue earned by the top Alaska companies and they employ more than half of the people employed by these companies.
Because of the inherent structure of ANSCA, expectations will always kind of exceed the capabilities," says Irwin, who works for the First Alaskans Foundation in Juneau.
The political clout that Alaska Natives have in a common sense is because of ANSCA," Irwin continues.
Because of ANSCA, the Alaska corporations' subsidiaries have been the most successful of the 8(a) firms, Lexo says.
With the 1971 ANSCA (Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act) land entitlement of 12.