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Last spring, for instance, he helped organize a protest against a local construction company called ANSCO Real Estate Investments, which was accused of breaking numerous laws in its treatment of workers.
In 1936, Ansco introduced non-screen x-ray film for extremity work and in the 1950s a polyester film base replaced cellular acetate.[17]
Baer arrived in Carmel in the late 1940s and soon began lugging his own 8-by-10 Ansco up and down Big Sur.
The lineup runs the gamut from low-end offerings by such companies as Ansco Photo Optical Products Corp.
ANSCO Inc., subject to the approval of the MPMR, has the right to acquire a 5% working interest in Block 9 on "a heads-up basis".
We--Will Campbell, a machinist here at Ansco, and myself--were making steady progress on the job.