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ANSCOAnthony and Scovill
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The fleet renewal will include the refurbishment of the Ansco cars, as well as two existing CN passenger dome cars.
The battle began in November 2002, when a group of ANSCO workers came to Oliva with a laundry list of complaints.
on the Internal Audit Committee, and in various financial and accounting positions for Mastec, Burnup & Sims, and Ansco & Associates, Inc.
Nielsen, current President of Ansco & Associates, Inc.
Prior to joining Phoenix Network in February of this year, Hammond was president and CEO of ANSCO and Associates, a telephone engineering and construction company.
Wallace's experience as President and CEO of ANSCO & Associates, a telephone engineering and construction company, and his 13 years at BellSouth, culminating with his role as Vice President of Operations, make him an extremely valuable asset and a welcome addition to Phoenix Network.
We--Will Campbell, a machinist here at Ansco, and myself--were making steady progress on the job.
5 million and future royalties by Olympus, Asahi and Ansco Optical to settle issues relating to their use of Honeywell's patented automatic-focus technology for lens-shutter and single-lens-reflex cameras.