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ANSEAssociazione Nazionale Specializzazioni Edili (Italian: National Association of Building Specialties; Italy)
ANSEAsociación de Naturalistas de Sureste (Spanish)
ANSEAir Navigation Services Employee (Switzerland)
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For those needing a break from their precious children, Bonne Anse runs three children's clubs: the Bubbles Club for 1-4 year olds, where parents need to be present, and two others, the Pirate Club for 5-9 year olds and the Barracudas Club for 10-14 year olds, where parents can leave their not so little ones with the team of supervisors/entertainers.
Of the participating households, 79% in Petite Anse and 46% in Cerca Carvajal were within a 15-minute walking distance of a drinking water source.
Indeed, Anse appears to carry more "clout" in conversation with people (spouse, children, and peers) than he does based upon the text of his three monologues alone.
Two locally-owned small hotels opened just in time for Christmas last week, one being the Hanneman Holiday Residence at Nouvelle Valle, Beau Vallon, featuring 12 bedrooms, and the other one the Pieds dans LOEau at Anse Royale with six bedrooms.
Yet it seems that something is missing from the critical picture, that some vital clue, lying neglected or barely noticed, would convert Anse from Brooks's human buzzard to a fully realized human being.
Addie has made Anse promise to take her to Jefferson to be buried, and the major part of the book concerns the Bundrens' journey with the coffin to the burying ground.
Anse does not know it, but she has always thought him to be only a man of words; and words, she thinks, are useless.
The family finally reaches Jefferson, where Addie is buried; Darl is taken to the insane asylum, and Anse acquires a new wife.
One group of 224 students was at the Grand Anse campus about four miles north of the airstrip, and a second group of 202 was in a housing complex at Lance aux Epines; they were not rescued until two days later.
Guillaume Silvera, a senior official with the Civil Protection Agency in the Grand Anse Department, which is on the tip of the southern peninsula and includes the city of Jeremie, said 522 deaths had been confirmed, not including several remote communities that they have yet to reach because of collapsed roads and bridges.
Danny Fakhre, a ship owner and international meat and livestock trader, said drawings and designs are being finalized for constructing a five-star resort on the famous Grand Anse Beach, on a site that formerly housed the Silver Sands Hotel, reports Cariupdate Weekly (April 28, 2014):
HATFIELDS & MCCOYS Channel 5, 9pm In the last of this award-winning mini series, Judge Hatfield fails to convince Anse that he should let the authorities deal with their dispute with the McCoys and the brothers shake hands before going their separate ways.