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ANSEAssociazione Nazionale Specializzazioni Edili (Italian: National Association of Building Specialties; Italy)
ANSEAsociación de Naturalistas de Sureste (Spanish)
ANSEAir Navigation Services Employee (Switzerland)
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For his part, Anse is favored by a kind of positional authority due to his roles as head of family and grieving widower, which accrue to him a certain respect in this traditional society.
But the Anse Bundren we meet some thirty years later, when his wife lies on her death bed, is a different and broken man.
In another room, Anse Bundren, Addie's husband, and two sons, Darl and Jewel, discussed the possibility of the boys making a trip with a wagonload of lumber to earn three dollars for the family.
As the Rangers were boarding the assault helicopters for the move to Grand Anse, the helicopters came under small-arms fire from the bush.
Actually, Faulkner sets up the dichotomy between masculine and feminine world views early on through Addie's relationship with Anse. When we first see him, Anse is sitting almost motionless, rubbing his hands together and wondering whether the middle two boys can make a wood-loading trip before Addie dies.
"The intense wavelengths in the blue part of the spectrum of light emitted by LEDs, and the associated radiation intensity, raise the question of new health risks related to these sources of lighting," ANSES stated in a report.
However, the Anses border checkpoint will remain open for people of both countries to get in and out,' he said.
On the other hand, "the government backs the proposal submitted by ANSES for further study of the long-term effects of the consumption of GMOs and pesticides".
ANSES said that automobile makers should "limit the luminosity of vehicle headlights" and recommended buying "warm white" LED lighting for homes as an alternative to "cool white" LED lightbulbs commonly found in retail stores.