ANSFAfghanistan National Security Forces
ANSFAzerbaijan National Science Foundation (scientific research; Azerbaijan)
ANSFNederlandse Scheepsmodelbouw Federatie (Dutch: Dutch Model Ship Association; Netherlands)
ANSFAmvets National Service Foundation (Lanham, MD)
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During his time in the CHRV, he met with members of ANSF and explained how their conduct as Muslims directly impacted their relationships with local communities.
The RAT's mission to advise and assist the fledgling ANSF recruiting and re-contracting directorates has evolved and expanded over the years.
Today we have over 70,023 ANSF in training, together with 75,682 who have completed training.
The ANSF also seized weapons and defused several roadside bombs planted by the militants, the statement said.
These combined efforts helped build up the Afghan security forces from scratch to approximately 352,000 soldiers and police officers (the ANSF includes the country's armed forces, plus its national, local and border police services)," a NATO spokesperson explained to Armada.
For years, the international community has pinned its hopes for peace in Afghanistan on the ANSF, pouring some $65 billion into training and equipping it between 2002 to 2015.
The ANSF is composed of the Afghan National Police (under the Ministry of Interior) and the Afghan National Army (under the Ministry of Defense).
At the same time there could be no meaningful rehabilitation reconstruction and development process without the ANSF having the required strength.
Thus, the opportunity to build a reasonably effective ANSF at a much more sustainable size--say 50,000--at the moment when the Taliban had disintegrated and were seeking to align with the victorious side according to Afghan custom, was lost.
The ministry said that militants were trying to establish a safe shelter in Gor Tapa and Chahar Dara districts of Kunduz province to launch terrorist attacks but the ANSF conducted operations in the districts to foil their bid.
He linked the equipment of Afghan National Security Forces ( ANSF ) with the signing of SOFA between NATO and Afghanistan.
The first of these attacks killed four ANSF personnel and seriously wounded a further two.