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ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
ANSIArea of Natural and Scientific Interest (Canada)
ANSIAdvanced Neuromodulation Systems, Inc
ANSIAreas of Natural and Scientific Interest (environmental)
ANSIAgence Nationale de la Sécurité Informatique (French: National Agency for Computer Security; Tunisia)
ANSIAsian Network for Scientific Information
ANSIAmerican National Standard Identification (book industry code)
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preform aperture ANSI LF f169 in an amount of 5 pieces .
CAMT is an outstanding program that is now validated as one of the best with the ANSI accreditation.
Noth was appointed chairman of ANSI's Regional Standing Committee on Europe, the Middle East, and Africa in 2000 and led increasingly successful bilateral discussions between ANSI, the European Regional Standards organizations, and DG Enterprise from the European Commission.
The relationship between ANSI and ADAAG has shifted in recent years in a "leapfrog" pattern.
Currently, NIST is developing guidelines for validating implementations of ANSI X9.
ANSI pays combined dues of almost $2 million per year to ISO and IEC and expends another $2 million per year in support of international programs and efforts.
Once ratified by ANSI, the FSPF protocol will be available for implementation by all vendors and will enable any FSPF-compliant switch to interoperate with other FSPF-compliant switches, regardless of the manufacturer.
Recognition of the protocol underlying the LonWorks platform as an ANSI standard marks a significant milestone for the control networking industry," said Ken Oshman, president and CEO of Echelon Corporation.
In line with the move toward the cost reducing initiative, ANSI staff have been posting to the ANSI Online website (http://www.
The standards will also improve software portability, ANSI anticipates.
The document must now undergo three months of public review and comment, and then, according to ANSI spokesperson Dorothy Hogan, if ANSI's Board of Standards Review decides that "all concerned interests" have reached "substantial agreement" about the standards, ANSI will adopt them.