ANSIRAwareness of National Security Issues and Response (FBI)
ANSIRAutomated Nationwide System for Immigration Review
ANSIRAustralian National Seismic Imaging Resource (est. 1997)
ANSIRAdvanced Neuroscience Imaging Research (Wake Forest University School of Medicine)
ANSIRAdvanced Navigation System Inertial Reference
ANSIRA New Standard in Relating
ANSIRAngled Neck Stringed Instrument Resource (musical instrument building; Ohio)
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The ANSIR program actively monitors and disseminates information on (1) the economic espionage activities of foreign intelligence agencies/corporations; and (2) emergent threats to U.
For more information or to make a referral, contact the FBI ANSIR coordinator at the local FBI field office, or access www.
With a focus on counterintelligence, the presentation will brief the changes to the FBI's ANSIR Program, set forth the new products and services offered by the FBI (through ANSIR), and discuss specific topics related to the economic espionage and theft of trade secrets that continue to impact our nation.
corporate security directors and executives, law enforcement, and other government agencies, the FBI's ANSIR program disseminates information on specific threats and economic espionage techniques on a regular basis to corporate recipients.
Included in the sale was DYNAMIC's LabPro 2000 Laboratory Information System, ANSIRS Anatomic Pathology system, implementation services and software maintenance and support.
Recent activity for DYNAMIC's ANSIRS anatomic pathology solution included a contract with Holy Cross Hospital of Chicago as well as hardware upgrades for existing ANSIRS installations at Roger Williams Hospital in Providence, RI and Michael Reese Medical Center in Chicago, IL.