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The first, the external mirrorings, are those in which people reflect her behavior to herself: home truths from Ansit and Tarin; and a mashal--the truth told in myth form--from the priest of Essur.
(12) Much earlier (146), there is a hint that Orual's rivalry with Ansit is caught mimetically from the Fox, who refers disparagingly to the hold Bardia's wife has over him and compares him to Alcibiades, the famous case of failed ascent to higher forms of love from Plato's Symposium.
Ansit's words indeed show that she, in her rivalry with the queen, is much like the younger Orual in her rivalry with the gods.
Similarly Orual contrasts herself with Ansit, Bardia's wife.
Redival, for instance, is often shallow and meanspirited but also quite beautiful; conversely, Bardia's wife, Ansit, is good and loving but homely.