ANSNAustralian National Schools Network
ANSNAdvertised Neighbor Sequence Number
ANSNAsian Nuclear Safety Network
ANSNAlexis Nakota Sioux Nation (Glenevis, Alberta, Canada)
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Incorrect message generation can be due to an incorrect HELLO message generation, incorrect TC message generation, incorrect MID/HNA message generation and ANSN attack
The TC message includes an ANSN field that contains the Advertised Neighbor Sequence Number.
Protection against various OLSR attacks by SIGNATURE message Protection by Attack on OLSR Protocol SIGNATURE Incorrect Traffic Incorrect HELLO ID Spoofing Yes Generation Generation Link Spoofing No Incorrect TC ID Spoofing Yes Generation Link Spoofing No Incorrect MID/HNA Generation Yes ANSN Attack Yes Incorrect Traffic Message Tampering Yes Relaying Black hole Attack No Replay Attack Yes Wormhole Attack No MPR Attack No Table 2.